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Mouse and Keyboard for ESO

Started by Balian
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Hey everyone, I recently built myself a gaming rig last October and have been enjoying gaming on it. The switch from PS3 Skyrim to PC version was the best decision I've ever made lol. Anyway, let’s get down to it.

I've been looking to complete my build with a mouse and keyboard, but I want to base my decision off of ESO since that will be the game I play the most. I'm not sure if macros will be necessary in ESO, but if they are, I'd prefer a keyboard with a few macro keys. As for a mouse, I'd like something that works surgically.

What are your guys' opinions? Will macros play an important role in ESO? And what keyboard and mouse would you recommend for the game based off the info we know of it so far?

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I've always played with a Logitech mouse, but I guess it's a matter of taste. As for the keyboard it doesn't sound like you'll be needing any macros. But I'm sure there's somebody out there who disagrees with me ;)

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This is what i use. The keyboard has easy to press keys and 12 macro keys (with 3 different settings) and back light. The mouse has something like 12 buttons if i remember right with great precision with a on the fly 4 level dpi switch (how fast your mouse moves across the screen in lay man terms).


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Razor Naga mouse
and, I'm using a Tt e-sports keyboard atm, and it's probably the best keyboard I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot because razor keyboards tend to start playing up (movement keys getting stuck, but the key isn't actually pushed in) resulting in me attempting to fix them with the 'hit it till it works' theory.

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I don't think mice and keyboard will make a difference in ESO. Just get whatever you like and would be most comfortable ^^

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Ive always used trackballs myself, but if your looking for a mouse with more programmable buttons, then the Razor is deffinately a good choice. However Logitech does make a decent one too, that has 6 programmable buttons on the thumb I believe.

As for the keyboard, I wouldnt worry much about that. Just find one thats comfortable for you, as you'll prolly be spending MANY hours on it (if your anything like me that is). As for macros, Im sure it'll be possible to take advantage of using them, but you dont need a special keyboard to do that. Besides, most modern games have the ability built it to make macros.

Personally, Ill prolly just roll a Razor and a good ergonomic keyboard.

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