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Mrah Ketoni

Started by Iogairn
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
Name: M'rah
Surname: Ketoni
Gender: Male
Race: Dunmer
Class: Nightblade

Equipment: Carries two ebony daggers, a gift from his master. Also uses destruction spells, like Fireball.

Backstory: A boy was found on abandoned on a beach in Morrowind by Khajiit, caravaners. On the boy was a name: Iretoni. The Khajiit, misreading the label called him Ketoni. They called him in their own tongue M'rah. For eight years they raised him, teaching him how to steal and barter.
This continued until one day, a magister at Tel Vos, seeing the boy as having use for him, tried to buy him. The Khajiit refused as they had grown fond of the boy. That night, the Khajiit were attacked and forced into slavery.
Mrah went under the wing of this Telvanni magistrate and from him learned how to; kill with a spell, fade into the shadows and to have a disregard for lives. At the age of fourteen he became the Telvanni's prodigal own assassin.
However (when he was in his twenties) through certain events, M'rah learned of the Telvanni selling the Khajiit into slavery. He sent letters to other Telvanni magisters, in the guise of his master, attempting to forge alliances against each other. Naturally, following Telvanni tradition he was betrayed and the Morag Tong got involved and the Telvanni magister ended up in a nearby river.
After that he joined the Morag Tong and learned things from their point of view. He spent years building up a reputation as an assassin in the order.

Personality: He has learned he could never trust anyone from his past experiences. This lead to him being cold and calculating.

Appearance: High Cheekbones, thin jaw, near eyes, clipped eyebrows. Black hair hangs down his face, covering one eye.

Religion: Has a fascination with Daedra as he respects power.

Politics: Anarchist.
Music Theme:
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