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Multiple Accounts/Logins

Started by Zikai
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In previous MMO's that I've played, I would have two characters online at a time: one that I would be actively playing and the other sitting in a marketing stall (usually a level 1 character that I traded stuff to to sell). I guess you could say I was one of those big-wigs that left their computers on 24/7 to make in-game money while I was sleeping or at work/class.

In most (all?) cases, you could have several characters in one account, but only one character in the account could be played at a time. So this led me and many other gold hungry players to creating a second (or many many accounts in some people's cases) to have them logged in at the same time.

This practice is often frowned upon and even a bannable offence in some MMO's.

However, there were a few that allowed it for my purposes - sitting in a shop and playing at the same time.

So my question to start off this discussion is this: will TESO allow multiple logins?
Since the subscription is $15/mo., I doubt it'd be worth it to have two accounts to do what I usually do, especially since it looks like so far that they won't even be having player shops. In which case, would it be possible to log into different characters on the same account at the same time (highly doubtful)?

What are your thoughts?

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