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My Channel!

Started by xXxElderScrollsxXx
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Hello to you all!

My name is Hallam and I am the owner of the new youtube channel that revolves around the elder scrolls!

The channel itself is called xXxElderScrollsxXx

I will be doing lots of videos starting with trailer breakdowns and news about new elder scrolls content. However, next year is when the channel is going to be alive with content! When the elder scrolls online hits stores, im going to be doing lots of content around that, including first-looks, guides, walkthroughs and stuff like that!

Again the channel link is:

I look forward to working with the elder scrolls community and interacting with you guys!

Peace guys,
Hallam :D
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Hey there Hallam!

Thanks for letting us know about your YouTube channel! We however do not allow advertisement in our forum section. To show us your videos you can submit them to the video section which you can find here:

Additionally you can add your channel page to our TESO Directory here:

Looking forward to see more of your works! Keep it up!


The Ghost of TESOF

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