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My Journey Through San Diego Comic Con 2013

Started by abentwookie
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TLDR Warning for people with short attention spans!! :P


I just made it back home a little bit ago! I missed it last year but this time I made my triumphant return to the nerd-infested battlefields of the convention center, surviving the countless horrors of the weekend, such as the dreaded death march of the Hall H line. Which can best be described as feeling like Frodo during his arduous journey through the lands of middle-earth on his way to Mordor. There was even someone cos-playing as Gandalf there on Thursday! The only thing missing was Gollum attacking me and attempting to run off with my swag. Fortunately, I had my golden minecraft sword just in case. :o

* Like many people, I also survived being accosted by a group of religious protesters/trolls who apparently thought we were all evil and going to burn in Hades for liking comic books, movies and videogames. Fortunately we had counter-trolls there having fun at their expense, including someone cos-playing as Jesus and some guy holding up a "kneel before Zod" sign nearby. :o And of course, this guy....

[Image: tumblr_m7bpfsP3xF1qjolbzo7_250.gif]

* I survived FOUR days of sleep deprivation.... And I am now about to pass out after finishing these posts.

* I survived the loss of my beloved Ipod Touch and was grief-stricken for several hours.

* I survived several encounters with roaming bands of trekkies. As a star wars fan, they are my mortal enemies so it takes every bit of self-control I have to resist the urge to engage them in a battle to the death.

* I even survived a deadly rampage by George R.R. Martin during which countless numbers of my fellow nerds were slain in battle. Actually, he only destroyed a guitar but it was still a very harrowing experience!

* I survived my second w00tstock but was left an emotionally scarred shell of my former self. And Wil Wheaton has single-handedly ruined both pizza and milk for me. :o

But it was worth it all in the end!

The Highlights

* The nearly 5 hour nerd marathon known as W00tstock was even more epic than it was when I attended in 2011. This was definitely the highlight of the weekend. :P Wil Wheaton had more hilarious stories, the music was awesome and there were surprise guests like George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman.

* I got to see an epic panel with Wayne Knight (Helloooooo, Newman!) of Seinfeld fame, along with Roseanne of Roseanne fame and the evil arch-nemesis of star wars fans everywhere..... The Sith Lord known as Darth Trekkious (Willaim Shatner)

* The Walking Dead panel with a lot of stars from the show and we had a chance to learn more about the upcoming season. :P

* I attended the Geeks Get Published and Paid panel with Bonnie Burton and Alex Langley. As an aspiring author myself, I found it pretty informative.

* And several other cool panels like Batman Arkham Origins, The World's End, Geek and Sundry with Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, Sleepy Hollow, a Writer's Studio panel with several Star Wars authors, Futurama and a neil gaiman panel.

* Saturday after we left SDCC for the night we went to see Patton Oswalt perform at Spreckels. :P

* The announcement of a FireFly MMO, which turns out to just be mobile game, rather than on the PC. So I'm not sure how good that news is just yet.

* And of course the swag! With the help of my boyfriend, two friends and some bartering with several twitter users, I was able to gather a large bounty of swag. :P

* I saw a lot of very cool costumes, including Sharknado, Chewbacca, a really good Nolan version of Batman, a 60's Adam West Batman, a Darth Vader dressed as a chef holding jar jar's head on a platter, abe lincoln vampire hunter and several others.

Swag List

One Comic Con 2013 "Sandman" Souvenir book.

One Supernatural bag.

One Big Bang Theory bag.

One 60's Batman (Adam West) bag which was extremely difficult to obtain.

One Disney Infinity bag.

One Disney Infinity shirt.

One Sharknado shirt.

ONe Firefly keychain.

One The World's End poster.

One Simpsons poster.

One Sleepy Hollow poster.

One Futurama poster.

ONe Revolution bag.

One 300 bag, which was given to my boyfriend.

One RIPD shirt, which was also given to my boyfriend.

One Plants vs Zombies bag.

One Plants vs Zombies 2 pin.

One Game of Thrones bag.

One Golden Minecraft sword.

One Chewbacca Mimobot

One Wolverine (from the upcoming movie) shirt.

One Trask Industries hat, which I gave to Sean.

One pair of Star Wars sunglasses with bag.

One X-Men Days of Future Past poster.

One Thor: The Dark World poster.

One Geek & Sundry poster.

One Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey shirt.

One signed Assassin's Creed poster

One Science Channel bag.

I actually had more than this but some of it was traded away for some of these items. My favorite piece of swag was definitely the epic "Hunters List" Supernatural bag with the cape.

[Image: BPth1HjCEAAB2PN_zpsc3575ff2.jpg]

What I missed

Things I missed out on that I really wanted to attend:

* The Supernatural panel. I didn't want to stand in yet another endless Hall H line. :\

* The free screening of Serenity at Petco Park, which Nathan Fillion attended.

* The Walking Dead Escape event at Petco Park.

* The Hasbro line, which usually stretched all the way out to the marina and was quickly capped every day.

The Numbers

I ended the weekend with 29 pieces of #swag

I completed 3 out of 5 trades this year and bought 1 bag (60's batman) from someone.

I attended 10 panels.

I attended 1 w00tstock.

I spent $126 on swag and food.

I missed 5 panels that I wanted to see.

I stood in the Hall H line a total of 19 hours.

I lost 1 Ipod Touch.

I survived 4 days with very little sleep.

I took 131 photos on my phone and some with Ipod before it was lost.

I became angry 3 times.

Fortunately there were 0 fatalities as a result of my anger. :P
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Sounds like you had a nice harvest ;D

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That's a whole lot of swag you got! You left there like a successful pirate bandit! Sorry about the Ipod though, nasty thing to lose. But thanks for sharing the fun experience!

I was thinking about going to the New York Comic Con in October, unfortunately it doesn't have a Walking Dead Escape event like San Diego. Drats.

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