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Mysterium Xarxes
Mysterium Xarxes

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by VaynSolidor.
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About Mysterium Xarxes
Welcome to the dark side my friends.

If your looking for a place to come and be yourself without the constant worrys of being banned and the idealizations of iron fist forums Administrators as well as their Minion Moderators passing constant sarcastic comments and judgmental enforcement then you have found paradise.

You will find that this is more than a common site for ratings and systematic control of what you the members are free to share and discuss. This is a place to call home where anything can happen. Feel free to post in the forums and get to know your fellow members.

Gaming Tips, Mods, Q&A, Console Commands, Tools, Patches and over all enhanced game experience for the players, by the players with a fun active gaming community to share with and be a part of. With the upcoming release of Elder scrolls Online it should be quite interesting.

My only Law:
1. DO NOT share pirated software here!

As you may have guessed by the name of this guild we do not exactly stand in the light of valor nor are we left in the wake of destruction. Mankar Cameron had a dream and believed the had a destiny that was never his to fulfill. It is safe to say there can not be peace withot chaos, light without dark, birth without death...

The Mysterium Xarxes (Official) Guild @
also shares in Mankar Cameron's belief that even the damned can find salvation from the horrors that we have created only lacking in his narrow views on on power and immortality.

In this guild you are free to join and the guild is only worth the contribution of each member to its community and the TES community as a whole. Though there will be forum threads that will contain mods for non MMO Bethesda productions, I in no way advocate software piracy, MMORPG cheating or exploitation of any kind.

I will not ban a member for speaking about an exploit or cheat as long as it has been reported and is not being advertised as used by the member however, any links of "how to" exploitation
and or bootlegging software will result in an IP ban and expulsion from the guild.

That being said, I hope to have one of the more well informed and strategically inclined guilds of TESO and a force to be reckoned with, not through fear but through respect. This does not mean that if you are traveling a long journey that something bad will not happen to you if you end up in our territory, What happens will be based on your actions.

Take for instance the wolf pack, spots its prey... The Alpha sends out a lonely female while the pack surrounds the area. If by chance the prey is to let curiosity or the opportunity at an easy meal get the better of him the prey may find out that he is just that... The prey, not the hunter.

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Mysterium Xarxes Comments
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Hello everyone i know its a lot to take in all at once with so many guild to choose from. fact of the matter is it was suggested to me by a friends to post here and goes against what i believe makes a strong guild. i have a note here of what i told him and i hope you keep this in mind when selecting a guild:

"im not sure im ready to recruit anyone just yet i have my application in to be a beta tester for TESO and with the Mysterium Xarxes (Official) guild page up i have a bit of work to do yet, i understand what you are saying but i think its something that will fall into place as it should. i think the first step i need to take is reach the members i have already had the privileged to game with in the past members of forum community that have made amazing contribution as far as the modding community goes and a lot of adept gamers familiar with Bethesda, obsidian and ZeniMax productions. in my past dealings it was never about having the most powerful guild but to have a strong bond with the members of your community and to me this is no exception. As i have said i agree with you but that is something that has to happen its self but in order to assure success i must first have a staff that is not only willing to put the time in to assist members that seek aid but to posses honesty loyalty and respect and to me that supersedes all else. if there is no back bone it is doomed to fail. i have learned that it is not numerical superiority that instills order fear is not power, respect and knowledge is power and with it wars are won. some times even against all odds."

now keep in mind that we as the players are limited to what we know about this game each being reverent to his/ her own experience with TES as well as the MMO aspect of gaming from his/ her own research on TESO and play time in each style of game. I i agree with many views at that this is an exciting yet risky step on Bethesda's part as they have to meet the expectations of both the PI gamer and the MMO gamer needs on a united and balanced front. As TES has allways been a 1P style platform. i myself will be in this for the long haul. I hope that this further explains a little about myself. i have been the Guild Master of many guild in my time and a member of many others. even if you choose not to be a member of this guild i do hope to see you all in the days to come, to share in my passion of gaming and the experience that TESO has to offer.

Good luck to you all

Vayn Solidor <-- btw i know Vayn is correctly slept (Vayne) what can you do?
This post was last modified: May 25th 2013, 03:35 AM by VaynSolidor
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