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Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by QuantumFusionZ.
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About Mythic
Main Rules Recruitment
'For before there is tranquility, the storm must transpire.'

Mythic is a group of erudite scholars, revolutionary philosophers and prestige soldiers looking to vanquish Molag Bal and his daedric forces and ultimately return tamriel to a peaceful, prosperous land where all races can live conjunctly.

Intellectual, wise and negotiable members of Mythic are thought to have great morality and are among the most decisive. They are renowned for their tactical prowess and their quick thinking under pressure making them formidable foes even for the strongest of challengers.

Most Mythic members have vast knowledge of Tamriel and it's inhabitants. Vampires, Atronachs, Daedra: there is nothing that Mythic members don't know how to fight. When there is something they haven't found before, which is a rarity, they use there contextual knowledge to try and find a weakness in whatever they're fighting. However they generally don't like to fight at all, believing that all problems can be negotiated without conflict, but in times of war fighting is very common.

Apart from Thel Vaas Jek (QuantumFusionZ) who is guild leader there is no real ranks in Mythic as we believe that everyone is equal, however the most victorious members will receive official officer status and also gain a special rank name of their choosing.

Any are welcome to join Mythic! Just go to the 'Recruitment' tab to see how to join!
You must treat everyone equally, if there is any abusive behaviour the member will be given a warning and may face removal from the guild.

When asked to role-play you must act as if in character, if you wish want to remain silent and do not spoil the roleplaying for anyone else.

(Rules may be added or removed so keep up to date with them)
To join the Mythic guild, simply message QuantumFusionZ right here on TESOF.

The message should include your actual name and age (optional) and the reason you want to join!
For the awesome PvE you'll experience? Or is it the amazing social aspect?

Recruitment Status: Open
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