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[NA][AD]~trading guild~The Wu Trading Post

Started by Ruinel
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Aldmeri Dominion

I am Ruinel, and I serve directly under our guildmaster, Yersh. I have taken it upon myself to work on recruiting outside of the game. See the bottom for extra notes and allied guilds.

The Wu Trading Post is a fast-growing trading guild in the Aldmeri Dominion. We are cross-faction, however. We currently have over 230 members, and our guild leaders are always working on recruiting. We take great pride in our bank, keeping it filled with useful items. This can range from crafting materials and items for decon to potions and jewelry. Only guild leaders can withdraw, as is the case with many guilds. This ensures the safety of the bank and the profitability of our members.

Our store, of course, is the greatest point of interest. While you can use the guild chat to trade or request certain items, you will do most of your business there. Our store is always full of valuable items such as motifs, improvement mats, large stacks, and high level gear. (There are also plenty of lower level items.) Don't think that your things won't sell fast because of the large amount of items in our store. If it is listed at a fair price, it ought to sell quickly and painlessly.

We also enjoy helping each other in quests, PvP, and PvE. (I am a high level healer myself *wink*)
If you would like to know more, you can talk to me here on the forums or message me in-game @Ruinel.

Thank you for considering the Wu Trading Post!


Founder and Director


We are allied with a DC guild, the Winking Skeever Store. This is a leapfrog guild, meaning the bank is used to "leapfrog" items. If you are unfamiliar with leapfrogging, it is trading crafted items with players for decon. Deconstructing other players' crafted items gives you the most experience in crafting, so this can be very beneficial.

All of us are here for the individual, so don't be afraid to ask something from any of us. That goes for all of your fellow members. The Wu Trading Post is a very casual and friendly place!

We will have a guild site very soon! It will be epicness, not your average Enjin or Guildlaunch site!
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