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[NA] Ad Victoriam [Daggerfall Covenant]

Started by Xatana
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About Us: Official Website of Ad Victoriam
Ad Victoriam is a guild of a group of friends from across multiple games and some from the physical world that are committing to ESO for the long run. We are a well organized, informed guild who strives for excellence in both PvE and AvA. We are looking for new members that also have this drive and are willing to help us achieve a relatively large community of like minded gamers.
As for the name, Ad Victoriam is latin for "To Victory!", which was the battlecry for roman legions during the ancient roman empire. Just like the Romans would absorb and adapt to new battle tactics in order to achive dominance, so shall we!
We are a Daggerfall Covenant guild.

Guild Structure
We have a guild structure that we have found to be quite successful in organizing members for all kinds of events and for group content.

1. Discens (Trainee) - This is the probationary rank for new members of the guild.

2. Amicita (Friendship) - This is not a rank within the guild as itself but does show up on our forums and in our ventrilo. Members from other guilds that are allied with us, or people who frequent our website and ventrilo will receive this rank.

3. Miles (Generic Soldier) - This is for general members of the guild that have not yet applied for or been assigned to a team.

4. Auxilary (Non-citizen "Legionary") - The way the game currently stands, this will only be a PvE rank. This is the rank of people that are on one of the raid teams, but are in a reserve slot.

5. Legionary (Roman Soldier) - Any member that is assigned to a team, whether that team be an AvA one or a Raid team.

6. Decurion (Leader of 10) - While groups are unlikely to be split into 10s, this rank represents the leader of any team(s). This rank is a mini-officer of the guild who is responsible for the training, recruitment, and leading of his team into battle.

7. Centurion (Leader of 100) - This is the guild officer rank. Guild officers help the leaders with the administrative aspects of running a guild.

8. Legatus (Roman Legion Commander) - This is the guild leaders of which there are two. Ramasee and Katana.

Guild Goals
1. Community - We want a tight knit community of gamers. People that play with each other inside the game and out. People that assist others in the guild, and even those who are not. Our desire is to have at least 20+ people online nearly at all times.

2. Excellence - Both individual and group. People should want to succeed and be their best at everything that they try to accomplish.

3. AvA - We intend to find and fight against some of the very best Aldmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact and organize and lead the Daggerfall Covenant to emperorship. We have a few people with extensive experience leading in DAoC and Warhammer Online that will assist us in fighting what we hope to be the best of the best.

4. PvE - Successfully down every single difficulty of end game content that Zenimax can envision and code.

We are inviting any and all members who fit the following personality traits. We have no guild size limit except of course the 500 imposed in-game.

1. Respect all other people that play this game. Guildmates, nonguildmates, and even your opponents. (Except mudcrabs, you can disrespect those!)

2. Maturity is important to function within a guild and to achieve a good guild reputation. We do not need trolling, flaming, trash talking, or other nagative/deragotory behaviors from our members.

3. Fun is what you should be having in a game. If you are not, well then you are playing wrong, aren't you?

4. Competition is what causes people to better themselves. We encourage healthy competition within the guild as it will lead all of us to become better players.

5. Creativity is highly prized as it leads to ideas of which others may not have thought. Also who wants to hang out with a bunch of sheeple?

6. Flexibility is needed to deal with the ever changing world that is an MMO. We expect people to adapt to the changing situations that the developers, the guild, and our enemies throw at us.

7. Diversity is our method of recruitment. We welcome everyone from all race, gender, and age. You will be judged by your level of maturity, not anything else. Also, veterans are welcome! We have many veterans in our community (both physical-world and cyber-space).

Other Stuff
We will be using a private ventrilo for most of our grouped content. If you do not have ventrilo, or do not know how to use it, it's free and we have plenty of people who will assist you in using it.
If you are interested in being recruited apply on our website.
Other guilds out there, we would also love to hear from you before or after launch about which campaign you will be joining. We would be interested in getting some of the best PvP guilds of all alliances in the same campaign.
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