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[NA-DC-RP] Lions Fang Mercenary Company!

Started by Iarumas
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The Lions Fang Mercenary Company is recruiting! We accept all hands who wish to aid the citizens of the Covenant and get paid while doing so. We differ from most mercenary guilds in that our contracts focus on Covenant land are mostly from the common folk of the Covenant who face troubles such as bandits, goblin infestations and other such problems that need a strong hand, or a sharp mind, to deal with.

For those interested, here is the charter of the Lions Fang: The Fang Charter

The Guild is headed by the Breton Knight Gilus Carin(@Picky-Tub) with the second in command the Imperial Elaine the Firebranded(@Iarumas89).

We are fairly active with bi-weekly guild events, the flavor of the month right now is hosting tournaments, plus we also attend other events hosted by other guilds. In addition whenever you feel like it you can always ask for impromptu RP sessions every day.

If you are intrested or have any questions please feel free to let me know!
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I'd be interested if I wasn't un interested. Best of luck.

Vote Isilmo for Queen!

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