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[NA] OUTCRY GAMING is looking for members! [PVP,PVE,18+,TS3, Aldmeri]

Started by Titania Rose
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Aldmeri Dominion
[Image: banner3.png]
Outcry is a guild of like-minded people who, while exploring PvE content, enjoy the fast paced and often challenging aspect of non-consensual, Open-World PvP.
Whether we live or die, while we vanquish AI controlled foes, and save damsels and gentlemen in distress, nothing gives us more pleasure than to be greeted by a foe with a red name,
and the knowledge that we are no longer battling with a programmed code, but a thinking, feeling human being, controlling a pixelated avatar. While we all play this game with friends,
and enjoy the camaraderie and socialization, we also play with the intention of improving ourselves. Overcoming the fights our programmers throw at us is only one step in that direction.
For us, nothing is more rewarding than defeating a person, who we could not previously, and knowing that it was advancement in our skills that did so.  

[Image: logo.png]

What you need to know

  • Outcry is a mature guild and we accept players 18 y/o or older.  Younger players may apply but will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Outcry uses Teamspeak 3 and participation on voice is highly encouraged.  Players applying must be willing to join TS3 for Cyrodiil and Veteran operations.

  • Outcry's ESO branch is predominately Aldmeri Dominion, other factions may apply but will only be accepted on a case by case basis.

What you want to know
  • Outcry is a social and active guild setting.  We are looking to expand our daily activity significantly in order to increase our PvP Strength and to prepare for the Craglorn content release.
  • Outcry is a PvP guild with strong roots in PvP content, however PvE content is also a large item on our agenda.  
  • At this moment a large number of our players are working to reach higher veteran ranks in order to improve their PvP capability and gain access to higher ranked veteran gear.
  • Outcry Gaming has a unique website available here: for more generic information about who we are and what we do.


Fill out the Application Form
Once you have completed this, you may join us in our TeamSpeak3 or Port: 4540 No Password
or wait for an officer to contact you regarding your application.

Happy Hunting!
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