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[NA][PvP][AD][Aldmeri Dominion] JINGLE MY MOLAG BALZ [DAoC 8man stylin]

Started by Sorcos
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Sup everyone,

After playing the beta with some buddies, we felt that this game has great potential for small man-coordinated group play. The aim of this group would be to approach the PvP meta in a similar hardcore, dedicated fashion that DAoC 8mans did in the past.

We are a band of bros composed of competitive players from mainly MMO- PvP focused / FPS games ranging from WoW, DAoC, Warhammer Online, GW2 to Competitive CS 1.6->Source->GO, Quake 2 + mods, UT,PS2, HL/HL2 + mods and so on. We are currently planning on rolling Aldmeri Dominion as the title states.

If you are looking for a group of players to roll with in Cyrodiil that already have coordination and want that little extra, drop me a email at

[Image: MolagBalOblivion.png]
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