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[NA] Sanguine's Syndicate (level/gear/PvP/PvE)

Started by MrInhumane
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Sanguine's Syndicate is the ESO division of the Shadow Knights clan, a well established clan full of great and fun people that started in 1998 in the Star Wars universe. Sanguine's Syndicate started with the Sanguine test group during ESO beta and shares many of the opinions and mind set of the Shadow Knights. The two merged, with great excitement, in anticipation of the launch of Elder Scrolls.

Platform: PC/Mac
Faction: Ebonheart Pact

Info: The Shadow Knights is a tight knit group of like-minded gamers that want to help each other and have fun together. SK has a number of fun events including giveaways and tournaments. Sanguine's Syndicate has joined forces with them for the release of ESO.

The primary mission of the guild will be to help everyone level up, gear up, and get closer to completion (skyshards, dungeons, etc.). After we've been around for a bit we can evaluate our position and decide where we'd like to move from there (PvP, PvE end game, etc.). Once we’re established a bit, we hope to hold guild events on a weekly and monthly basis with potential rewards for participants. These events may include running various dungeons, questing, skyshard hunting, or whatever other crazy ideas we can come up with.

The guild site is hosted on the Enjin platform complete with forums. We also have a Mumble server that we'll expand as needed to fulfill the requirements of our member base. To join, head over to and either register for or sign in with an Enjin account. Once that's done select "Join website" in the top right.

And, of course, feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns. Thanks!!
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