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Nadas Gindu

Started by Nadas Gindu
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Firstname - Nadas
Surname - Ginu
Title - Morag Tong Assosiate
Sex - M
Age - 25
Occupation - Morag Tong associate/ jewler

Faction - Ebonheart

Appearance - see attachment

Personality - Nadas is nutty, impulsive and adventurous

Social Background/Backstory - Nadas was born into a wealthy Hullau family in Vvardenfell. His father was a merchant and politician, his mother was a playwright. After what would be later be known as the "stilt strider incident" Nadas was banished from his household, and
stripped of his fortune. He made his way as a witch hunter, until stubling across the Tong.

Best Memory - It involved two Argonian girls at once.

Worst Memory - Being thrown out of the family

Skills - Nadas is an illusion mage. he is also well read in mysticism and enchanting. He is also a spearman.

Challenges for the Character - He is addicted to moon sugar and hist sap. he is very impulsive, and easily distracted.
Birthsign The Atronarch

Religious Views Nadas worships chiefly Vearmina (prince of nightmares and dreams) and Mephala (the webspinner), Almsivi and Kynarreth. Inwardly he worships Sheogorath.

Politics Views Nadas's mother attempted to impress upon him a very progressive political philosophy. Though he is open-minded to most other races and philosophies, he has an argonian slave/former whipping boy/ hist sap connection named Ol' sappy. Nadas worships The Tribunal, the living gods of morrowind.

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Hail Nadas! ^-^
Welcome to Tesof RP section i hope you enjoy your stay
I love how short and sweet this character is! His best memory is AMAZING haha! and i like that he is 'nutty; XP. I would like to know more about this character though, what does he do? (I know what the Morag Tong do but others might not) and most importantly! what is his strengths and weaknesses?
Good character though ^-^ i look forward in seeing him grow and expand!

Quib - Argonian Adventurer
Garce Tilvvan - Dunmer Witch Hunter
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Nadas Gindu
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Thanks. Let's see...

The Morag Tong is order of honorable assasins located in Morrowind. The Tong worship the daedric prince Mephala (also known as the webspinner), whose sphere of influence is obscured to mortals. She taught her martial craft to the early chimer, before they became the dunmer.The Tong provide writs of honorable execution to their members, making their actions legal. The Tong follows a strict code of honor. Tong members cannot steal from or murder anyone other than they are contracted to execute.

Nadas uses illusions and teleportation spells to his advantage. He specailizes in urban assasinations, frenzying his targets, and letting the guards take care of the dirty work.

- Illusion/mysticism mage
- Calligraphy skills
- Enchanter
- Spearman
- Atronarch (Magicka doubled, absorbs magic)
- Dunmer (resists fire)

- Hist sap addiction/ consumption
- impulsive
- Unfamiliar with anyplace outside morrowind
- little strength
- easily distracted
- Atronarch (magicka does not recover)
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When I read the best memory. My reaction

"Oh! Ok..."

Vote Isilmo for Queen!

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