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Naiek Kaaven

Started by Namore
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Firstname - Naiek
Surname - Kaaven
Title - Guildmaster
Sex - Male
Age - 16
Occupation - Guild leader
Faction - The Disciples of Korangar
Appearance - A few inchs taller then the average Argonian and built in an athletic nature but not overly muscular.
Personality - Appreciative of others and welcoming of many. Only gets heavily defensive over his guild.
Social Background/Backstory - At the young age of 7 his dad was arrested for petty theft. His parents were executioned, Though they did take pity upon the young child gracing him with a jail sentance until he came of the age of 16. While inside the jail an older prisoner pitied the boy. Whenever the guards weren't looking the older prisoner introduced himself to the boy. He was a redguard named Kaelev and he was arrested for theft and murdery. The man talked about how he was forced into doing these things by a shady group of people he wished he had never involved himself with. He withdrew the name of them and never spoke of it much, but he said he would teach the boy what he learned from those days and so he did. The boy payed close attention when the guards wer'nt around and learned a great deal of skills. He was taught shady skills such as pickpocketing lockpicking and daggers. He was also taught archery to a degree. His teachings were limited from the prison cell distance but he learned as best he could. when the time came that he could leave the prison he spoke to the man one more time. He apologised to the man for having to leave and said good bye to this figure that was like a father to him, the last thing kaelev said to him before he left was "Make me proud, become a powerfull man". Naiek then left the jail and wondered where to go, he had heard of the legendary warriors of Ysgramor and set out to Skyrim to learn from them. ALong the way he met Mars Everwood and Korangar he exchanged combat techniques with them and they became good friends. At this time the two were a part of Ysgramors army and had gotten lost, Naiek traveled with them and at the time they arrived the war had ended. The three stayed together as friends but one night when Korangar left get firewood he didn't come back as quick as normal thirty minutes later Naiek and Mars heard his screams the traveled west to find outcast Falmer stabbing Korangars dead body. Mars and Naiek attacked the Falmer and won. A single Falmer fled but was chase down and killed as well. After this Naiek and Mars found "The Disciples of Korangar" in his honer. His tale starts from here on out.
Best Memory - Training with and hearing storys from Kaelev
Worst Memory - Parents execution
Skills - Inate stealth based abilitys but of low grade. Open minded and willing to learn more.
Challenges for the Character - To master many arts of war.
Birthsign The Steed
Religious Views Doesn't care much abut religion. But enjoys some factors of Sheogorath.
Politics Views In the large scale all that matters is protecting your land and bringing honer.
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