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Nazth Quiverite.

Started by Nazth
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
"One Shot, One Kill."

Firstname - Nazth

Surname - Quiverite

Title - Til Of The Viricide.

Sex - Male.

Race - Bosmer [Wood Elves]

Age - 26

Occupation - Hunter And Assassin

Challenges - Nazth sometimes can be reckless and charge in without any thinking. he still trying to be more careful.

Weapons - A Handmade Family Bow and Arrows, Dual glass Dagger for Melee

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Medium Sized Body With a white long hair and Black sharp eyes.

Personality - Cheerful,Optimistic and a little bit crazy.

Birthsign - The Steed

Skills - Because Of His daily hunting in the Woods of Valenwood. He has a fast movement and reflexes

Religious Views - Serves The Nocturnal [Lady Luck] and Meridia

Politics Views - None.

Best Memory - Eating Cheese.

Worst Memory - When He Founded out that his father was killed by Bonsamu Vampires

Backstory - Nazth Was Just a baby when He lost his father, On a same he was born. The Bonsamu Vampires Attacked the house, His father died when he's protecting Nazth and his mother. Making it possible for them to escape the vampires' attack on their house. Nazth's mother escaped to a house and opened a tavern at Haven. Few years later, Nazth set out to a journey for the outside world after his mother told him what happened. He travels Valenwood with revenge on his heart, tracking the vampires and sharpen his skills along the way.

Hello, I'm New to this page. but no stranger to RP. If you guys like to know something or would like me to fix something. don't be shy to post the Comments Smiling
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Overall I think the character and bio is good, shows well how he became what he is today, though my only complaint is just change his best memory from "eating cheese" to something more realistic, though I admit seeing that was funny.
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