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Started by Triskele
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Hey everyone!

A few days before, and now after the most recent beta-weekend for ESO, we as staff have seen a lot of topics crop up around the site regarding the beta. Those topics, whether they go into detail or not, break the NDA.

If you got into the beta, that is amazing for you and we understand you are enthusiastic. But you are under that NDA, and you, for now, are not supposed to share your experiences in any way in public places outside the official beta-forums (supervised by ZoS). ZoS has stated that they are alright with people saying they are actually in, even though they'd even prefer it if you didn't. With the amount of beta-related topics that we have seen pop up, it seemed wise to remind you all that posting about the beta is a NO.

Thank you all!


TESOF Lead Moderator

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You tell em Tris!

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You can tell If you were In and If there Is no detail or telling of your experience then It's fine. You are not breaking the NDA. You do need to be careful though I will agree.
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