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need some advise please

Started by dkdaz
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hi all new to this forum and have a question
i have a sorc and a nb at vr16,also both at level 35 ish as well
i decided to roll a stamina dragon night and currently at level 43 ,i am using stamina skills and currently leveling what skills i can
i am realising that i am also needing magika skills and running out quick ,i have a set of warlock armour for level 50 which replenishes my magika when low and is really good, it got my mage to vr 16,
i am thinking that my DK could use this warlock gear and also still have all attributes in stamina plus enchants on other gear ,does this sound viable ?
i am using great sword on main and duel daggers on back along with trying out various skills for cc etc decide which load out to use later on

should i try this mag/stam route or not
any advise welcome

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