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Nehemia and the adventures of the Merry Perry Company

Started by Nehemia
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I have been thinking about it for a while... But I've always forgotten to ask. Why do we even call us something as ridiculous as... Merry Perry?
- Because of pears my friend, because of pears, and the merry drink made from them! Once we get to the Imperial city. You'll know, my friend, you'll know.

Nehemias small talk with Valund, the leader of their adventuring company.

The Khajiit Caravan

Almost eight months have passed since I joined the adventuring company with a name that dare I say, is something special. They accepted me as their friend, and their brother. A group I haven't witnessed in all my years. More cheerful than the bards, more furious than an orcish warband, and an appetite of an giant. Needless to say most of the wealth we manage to harvest go directly to our stomachs.
I must say, I've grown fond of these lads, this is my home.

Little did I know, though, was that this day set in motion an force more cruel than fate itself. It was Tirdas, some day of the Second Seed, I did not much counting of days, I left it to the groups mage back in those days. We ran across an trading caravan, an Khajiit one to be exact. I had been looking for a new blade for more than a while now, and I thought this might be my chance.

Oi! Mister! Do you by any chance have fine blades in your stock? And the passing Khajiit smiled at me. Khajiit has wares, if you got the coin. And the bargaining started, more exhausting than crossing over an mountain. We took a look at an blade after blade, without finding a suitable one. Until the Khajiit frowned, strolled to one of the carts, and from an chest, he pulled out an blade concealed within the finest silk. The Khajiit approached me, revealing the magnificent looking blade. Its hilt decorated with the most glowing gold, the blades edge sharp, of the color black as night. This one is of finest craft, forged long ago by an masterful blacksmith. This one heard stories of the sword containing an powerful enchantment, as the blacksmith trapped the lightning from the sky into the blade. But Khajiit has unlocked its power.

I should have known better, but I recall the glimmer in my eyes, never had I, or anyone of the company witnessed such an glorious blade. It must have slain hundreds of foes. Thorun, the next smallest nord, after me let out of his tongue. Thousands. Was the Khajiits reply. How much? Was my question. And I recall everyones jaw dropping through the soil as the Khajiit said Ten thousand.

I had no such amount of gold, and neither did the company. I looked at Valund, and he shook his head. Not worth the trouble my friend, there are other blades. And its not the strength of the blade, it is the strength of the one who carries the blade. But I had set my eyes on it, as if the blade was calling my name. There must be something else you seek, Khajiit. And the Khajiit had, he certainly had.

Oh yes, this one wants the gem. An real gem! But the orcs did not trade with the Khajiit, no. Hrrmh, Khajiit wants the gem. But Khajiit is no burglar. There is an orcish stronghold South-East of here. Bring Khajiit the gem, you'll get the sword. What says the Nord? The others of the company waved their hands and shook their heads. But with an massive grin, and glimmering eyes, I turned to Valund and nodded repeatedly.

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