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Nehemia's Pocket Guide to Visioning Your Character Volume II

Started by Nehemia
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In case someone wants to read the outdated thread (link).

Nehemia's Pocket Guide to Visioning your Character Volume II

Many envision their TESO character being an import from the single-player games, however the class system does not support such idea. In order to give you more accurate idea of how to vision your character slaying mudcrabs and devouring sweet rolls in TESO, I have created you a little pocket guide on how to do so.

[Image: 356931.png]

What separates a good player from average in RPG's is the cautious approach to build ones character around the chosen play style, not to choose ones play style according to ones character.

First step:

Choose your race according to which Faction in your mind should be the rightful owner of the Ruby Throne.

Nehemia believes only a Dunmer should reign as the emperor, Nehemia chooses Dunmer.

Second step:

Vision your role in the battlefield. Will you be a melee fighter? A mage? A tank? A nuker? Utility based crowd controller? Once you have decided your role, choose the class that you find most fitting for that role.

Nehemia wants his Dunmer to be a ranged Nuker, but wants to use a mix of spells and bow. The sorcerer has an ultimate ability that spends finesse to improve the damage of regular light and heavy attacks, assuming it works on bows. Nehemia picks the Sorcerer as his class that will specialize in nuking.

Third step:

Now that you have your identity as a race, class and role. It is time to choose your weaponry. What weapon or combination of weapons you find most fitting for your role? Then comes the armor selection; Heavy armor, Medium armor or Light armor. Which one will be the best to support your role? Is there a specific ability that you can take advantage of when it comes to using certain weapon and armor combinations? Remember you can mix and match armors; There are 7 slots available (not counting the jewelry)

Nehemia wants his character to have survivability, yet to have good regens so he can stand in the fight longer without resting. So he picks Medium armor as primary. Then 2 of the 7 slots as Heavy armor for higher armor rating. However this build does not provide too much mana to promote his nuker role. So Nehemia chooses Mana supporting jewelry and gets an ability that transfers stamina to health and mana. This is supported by his medium armor which provides good stamina regenerations. At this stage bow is the obvious choice of weaponry

Fourth Step:

Skill selection, what skills best promote the efficiency of your new role? Keep in mind that even the damage dealers should focus on controlling the fight instead of ditching pure damage. You have 5 skills to assign plus the ultimate. The 5 skills can be class skills or weapon / armor skills. Will you want class only abilities, or do you want to grab something from weapon skills? Possibly something from the mages guild treeline? The purpose is to attempt to build an effective and efficient build, where all your abilities in some way support each other in order to create a summarized stable and overall effective build.

Nehemia decided to promote survivability, in addition to this he also wants to get utility for his group based Nuke bow Sorcerer. So he decides to grab Daedric protection, a spell that decreases his mana regen, but with proper passives increases his health regen and armor rating. To add to this Nehemia finds the most passives that decrease the cost of his ultimate, so he can use it more. For a nuker, there has to be utility. So a snare ability or two to support his armor and provide assistance to others in combat. In order to be effective towards meat (high health) characters, he picks the chance to instantly kill low health enemies from lightning spells - passive (his ultimate to boost regular attacks is a lightning spell). For standard nukes he picks something from the bow skill treeline and one lightning spell and if any dispel is available, the possibility of dispelling crowd control effects is a necessity for survival.

The Fifth and final step:

Everyone wants the bragging rights of creating a marvelous toon everyone looks up as well build character. So its time to identify your build; However as the class name alone will definitely not explain your build, and your role is still too broad of an definition (because of the multiple choices the character can have with the same role). It is advised to use the following format:

[Notable info (only if its absolute necessity to distinguish the build from others) + armor + weapon + role + class] = Build name

Nehemia finds "Overload MA Bow Nuker Sorc" to be the most fitting way to describe his character, where overload is the ultimate ability, bow is the weapon choice, medium armor's acronym as armor choice, Nuker as his role and Sorcerer as his class.

Other examples:

Cloth Bow Nuker DK
HA Axe Tank Templar
HA Staff Werewolf sorcerer
Cloth 2h Procblade (where the notable info is placed into class name to shorten it up)
MA SB Utility Nightblade (where SB = Sword & board)

In conclusion, the format will be:

- Class of your choice
- Specialization: Ranged attacker / Ranged Nuker / Tanky Healer / Pure healer / Melee / Stealth and so on (Keep in mind that this role should be visioned as limited to 1 thing)
- Armor(s) of your choice (Support on health / mana / stamina)
- Weapon(s) of your choice to augment your specialization (Not necessary, but natural step would be to pick weaponry according to your role)
- Skill set that specializes you in your visioned specialization.

[Image: pcg_online_skyrim1.jpg]
We don't want the game to feel or look like this do we? Be unique!
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Having two dragon knight builds so far.
That beeing said i cannot realy do much with them since we dont know enaugh abilities and especialy passives.
weve discussed them before but ill just

Controll/AoE setup heavy armor 2H: Inhale, Dragon Blood, Dark Talons, Cleave and as an ulti magma armor. still not sure on the rest.
Basically a melee initiation build. Pop magma armor, inhale + dark talons combo and set up a big AoE

Single target lockdown build: Medium armor, Sword and Board: Stone Fist, Fiery Reach, Dark Talon, Dragonblood, Power bash and Magma Armor

In both cases the combination of Magma armor and dragonblood essentialy makes you invulnerable for 9 seconds, wich is plenty of time to cause havok. Wich is exactly what those two builds are going for.
During our discussion we have realized that due to how the games heals are structured single target damage is more likeley to be effective than AoE since healing specific Players is discouraged while AoE healing is all the rage.
The logical conlcusion of this is that healing a single player a large ammount over a short time is not going to be feasable.
Thus a lockdown followed up by heavy ranged fire sounds like the perfect battle plan right now.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
I really like this thread. Personally I'm either going for a Melee Heavy armoured Damage Dealer. Keep a little survivability (same as you), focus H/S/M (health/stamina/magicka) points on mostly stamina, and since I haven't researched abilities much so I'll just say make a hotbar build with maybe a stun, couple heavy damager dealing abilities (probably AoE) and maybe a buff. So i guess I'm a 2H Heavy Melee DK?

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Apparently i am missing somthin since i haw no idea from where you guys haw all this info on abilitys.
Any way i could really use help with my character.
So far i played Burst Nuker, and in ESO i want to try somthin different.
I want to build most versatile character possible, since i believe i will be using different play style during PvP and PvE.
In both cases i plan to use Mixture of Light and Heavy armors, lean more to heavy during pvp and more to light during PvE.

For PvE my aim to be Support character, healer with enough survival that dose not need saving from a bad situation, and good amount of utility to provide as much assistance to fellow group members as possible.

For PvP my aim is to create a "decoy" one might say, Something provocative and scary to force enemy to focus me and let my fellow Faction members do the Damage dealing. Focus more on meat tank aspect, 2h weapon or DW, 2th weapon of choice not decided yet need more info about there "survival" ability's, most likely Sword and Shield or Resto staff. Preferably with Charge/Blink and knock back(if they are in) ability's.

My primary Class option would be Sorcerer, but DK and Nighblade are still possibility, Templar is out of the question, i do not enjoy "Paladin" type of classes.

Initially i plan to distribute 5 Magica 3 Health 2 Stamina (ration), but its still up for debate, and since we know we can respeck this stats my deciding "choice" will be done after i get the chance to try End game content.
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Replying this as repost from a thread @ offical unoffical forums:

#1: Do not fall to the pitfall of choosing a class purely based on the role you play. Ex. A tank like character would be Dragonknight, healer a templar, mage a sorcerer and a bow character Nightblade. Currently out of the skills we know so far, none of the classes has designated skill trees. As such every class has a broad range of abilities. Don't suffocate your imagination based on other peoples hypothesis of trinities, they won't exist here by standard.

#2: If you plan to lean heavily on something, example: stuns, you absolutely do not require 3 stun abilities. Remember that we have zero cool downs, so you do not need to rotate 3 stuns on your enemy.

#3: Every class will be as efficient with every weapon and armor class, the passives will remain the same. You absolutely are not required to pick a Dragonknight or Templar if you want to use heavy armors. Naturally some classes have abilities that synergize better with certain weapon or armor class, but out of the broad range of skills we have, it is more than likely everyone will have good stuff regarding others.

#4: The common misconception of Nightblades. Currently it has been stated stealth tree is tied to medium armor. And it would be against the Zenimax's vision to restrict stealth as specialization to one class (in this case; Nightblade). Hold your breath, we'll know more details sooner or later. Just don't blindly fall to the trap that a stealth character HAS to be an nightblade. It is more than likely that nightblade won't have a designated skill tree line (why would it? Because of the name-sake? Sorcerer is known to possess destruction, well ta-da that is tied to a weapon skill)

#5: Min-maxing will be impossible. Stop thinking if you roll a DK you will have the min-maxed character regarding survivability. Because of large amounts of skill choices, each build will have their strengths and weaknesses, and none will be the absolute cookie-cutter. Imagine Rock, paper & scissors. Except that with dozens of rock varities, dozens of different paper types and dozens of different brands of scissors. We are incapable of getting every single passive and ability. Or well, we are; Its that we cannot use all of them at one time.

#6: The pitfall of race selection; We have absolutely no darn idea of the racial skill lines, it is not exactly sure if they will even exist at this point, all talk has been speculative. Your Khajiit won't by standard be a better choice for a sneaky character than Altmer.

#7: Narrow-minded thinking. Survivability does not equal stacking health. Nuker role does not equal maximizing your damage output. Healer / support role does not equal maximized healing output. The game is in a role where a viable character will possess control abilities, counters to said control abilities and few other utility skills. Everyone can pick one or two standard nukes and be capable of dealing damage. A character that deals a bit less damage but has tons of more utility will always be a more viable choice over a character that deals higher amount of damage but has absolutely no utility.

#8: Blindly listening to others. Someone claims they have found the best build ever? Use your head, if they had indeed found such build, would they share it voluntarily? No, they would not. Out of MMORPG class build guides, 99.99% are of average or below average level. MMORPG gamers unfortunately can be categorized in a way that more than three out of four have extremely biased views that are full of misconceptions, ill information and lack of out of box thinking or that of common sense. Try the builds yourself, see what suits your playstyle. Don't find the first guide thats labeled "Best Templar healer build of all time" and go for that, as it is more than likely that the build shines as mediocre at best.

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Goodjob on this one!

Clan leader of The Bromlokiir

Voth Ahkrin!
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Not Set
Very well said,
I cannot make a decision on what I want to play without being able to see the specific abilities available. So my imagination is running wild!
Lockdown MA DW Utility Sorcerer.
I dont even know if that could work. I envision battle mobility, snares/dots/counter style of play.
I pray the ZOS release a concise list of skills available (excluding "hidden" skill trees) so we all have an idea before we log on at Zero Hour.
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Ebonheart Pact
Race: Altmer (The races of man are young and immature. Their rule only brings destruction and chaos to Tamriel.)

Role:Support/Damage (Damage enemies and heal allies. Pretty straightforward)

Weaponry: Heavy/Light Armor (People like attacking healers. Heavy armor gives me some cushion to stay on the field longer, while light armor gives me boosts to my magicka, since I foresee that my skills will mainly be magicka based.) Sword and Shield/2h (Shield lets me block more effectively, hence staying alive longer to support and deal damage. I am speculating that a 2h weapon will give me some sort of aoe damage ability)

Skills: Sun Fire, Rushed Ceremony. I'm not sure of the other ones at this moment to really make a decision.

Class Name: HA/LA Firey Support Templar

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