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Nevvarine Dark-Blade

Started by Nevvarine Dark-Blade
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Ebonheart Pact
Firstname: Nevvarine

Surname: Originally Modreyan, he abandoned it when he left Morrowind.

Title: Known as 'Nevvarine Dark-Blade'' because of his stealthy approach to situations.

Race: Dunmer

Sex: Male

Age: 56

Occupation: Currently unknown

Birth Sign: The thief

Origin: A village east of Mournhold

Family: Only child to his parents, who he assumes are now dead.

Appearance: Nevvarine is both average in height and weight. His skin is almost as green as it is grey with a slight blue tint. At a glance his eyes are the traditional Dunmer red with a slight yellow tint. Deep in his eyes one may notice there is a deep sorrow although few to none know why. His face has a few small scars and some seem to be about 40 years old. His hair is relatively long. It looks like it once was a shiny black but in the recent years it has faded. He once had piercings and war paint but they have both been removed. No facial hair.

Personality: He has always had some sort of anxiety when among other people so he usually resides on his own. He tries to get on with everyone. He is usually kind and he respects those who he thinks deserve it. He is often open about his opinions and they are usually the uncommon but he can be persuasive.

Combat style: Nevvarine is best when he is indoors due to his aptitude for stealth and an eye problem and usually plans out a situation for a few moments. He always takes the stealthy approach; casting illusion spells before backstabbing. He is experienced with destruction spells also. He improvises when something goes wrong.

Weaponry: Dual daggers for backstabs and quick fights and Destruction spells at a range.

Apparel: Light armour such as Chitin or Glass to be as quiet and agile as possible but also for protection. Often dresses well when in public events when planning a theft/assassination. He wears an amulet given to him by a friend thirty-one years ago. He wears a ring on his ring finger although he is not known to be married.

Religion:Nevvarine believes in the Aedra as well as the Tribunal, and even the ancient Daedra, but he prefers to go his own way.
''If there are gods and they are just , then they will not care how devout you have been. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on the memories of your loved ones''

Strengths: He feels natural when sneaking, lockpicking and pickpocketing. He picked up his fighting skills from the Fighters guild though it is not his stong suit. He learned the basics of Destruction and Illusion from his time in Summerset Isle.

Weaknesses: His eyes do not adjust correctly to sunlight so he prefers to fight indoors. He has always been bad with a bow. He can be impulsive which can sometimes work out badly.

Companions: In his youth, he would not adventure alone however he has learned now to rely only on his own skills. Because of tragic events, he is alone now.

Challenges: His means of doing right usually require him to do wrong. He has recently been having moral issues because of this.

Nevvarine Modreyan was born in a small town east of Mournhold in 2E 527. As a child, the history of his people fascinated him. He dreamt of going to the province where his people abandoned the old ways; to Summerset Isle. At the young age of fourteen he left home in search of adventure. He became an associate of the Fighters Guild in Balmora. He had trouble making friends due to anxiety problems. At the age of 23, and as a Defender of the Fighters Guild, he, and his guild-mate, Myrn-Iluu were tasked to deliver a peace offering to an Argonian tribe, in northern Argonia.

They got there and witnesses House Dres mercenaries bringing the Argonians, in chains to the north. Not wanting to forfeit the contract, the two Dunmer fought off the slavers. They managed to kill them all, but they were badly wounded. Within a few hours, reinforcements arrived to bring the two Dunmer and Argonians to a mine. Within a month or so Myn-Iluu died from his injuries in battle. While in the mine, Nevvarine learned to defend himself. One day he met an Imperial woman named Vinora Dratius who was 27. She had rugged clothes and her hair was a dirty black colour, but from some reason Nevvarine saw the beauty within her. They became fast friends and he learned that she was a Blades agent. They exchanged skills and planned their escape. After 2 years of imprisonment, Nevvarine stole a key to the surface. He burned the support beams with simple destruction spells while Vinora fought off the mercenaries. Vinora brought Nevvarine to a Blades' fort to send a squadron to the mine. Nevvarine didn't quite fit in and so he left.

There was nothing left for him in Morrowind, but he was a young man of 25, so he travelled Anvil in Cyrodiil, and took a boat to Summerset Isle. He was fascinated by their history and by their magic. He eventually mastered the high level Destruction and Illusion spells while training with the Altmeri wizards. After being there for eight years, in the year 560, he joined the Aldmeri Dominion under King Hidellith, in an attempt to earn the Altmers' respect. Nevvarine proved to be an expert in guerilla warfare. He rose the ranks slowly as he was a Dunmer, but he enjoyed it. While he was staying in an inn in Cheydinhal, (He was here to look for weaknesses in the town guard) a Shadow-Scale came to him with an offer he just couldn't refuse...

He deserted the Aldmeri Dominion after two short years and became a firm member of the Dark Brotherhood. Contract after contract, he honed his skills as an assassin; with illusion spells to further his sneaking abilities, destruction spells from afar, and a dagger to the throat, he was an assassin to be feared. Occasionally, he did jobs for the Thieves Guild also. Over time, his morals caught up with him and he moved to northern Black Marsh in the year 570. He began to hunt down slavers. He remembered their cruelty 30 years on. He still did occasional jobs for the Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood, but he stopped progressing in the ranks. His tactics were unmatched. Sometimes his target would be dead but there would be no traces of anyone ever being there. Other times he would show up in public, although no one would ever guess that he was the killer.

At the age of 46, in the year 573, word reached him about the Akaviri invasion in western Morrowind. He returned once more to his homeland. While in Balmora, he met someone who he hadn't seen in years. It was Vinora Dratius. She was not like he remembered. She was 50 years old and unlike him, the years caught up with her. Her body showed many scars from her times with the Blades and her hair had withered and was turning grey. However it was still her. It put a sudden spark back into Nevvarine's life. Within a few weeks, they moved in with each other. As they were both of different cultures, they never married. Instead they enjoyed years of adventure and excitement together. Six years later, Vinora's health began to deteriorate. At the age of 56 her war wounds caught up with her. The two stopped adventuring, and settled down in Balmora. Within two short years, she died as a result of an infection she received in a battle years before.

With all known family dead, and with no child, and no friends, Nevvarine's life had once again lost all meaning. But he was no fool. He would not turn to drink, and he would not end his own life. The year is 583 of the Common Era, and the height of power in the Ebonheart Pact. Nevvarine realised that no matter how much he tried to avoid it; Morrowind was his home. And that no home is truly perfect. With or without its flaws, was it not his duty to fight for it? Nevvarine Dark-Blade, Dunmer of Morrowind, would raise his arm once more, with the hope of returning purpose to his life. And should that hope fail, he would once again march on the battlefield, one last time...
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