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New Beta Reports

Started by Idriar
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On german Game sites there have been several Beta reports posted.

(there are several others, too)

just in case you don´t have such reports in english languages, I give you the main content...

The editorial journalists had access to the Daggerfall Covenant, it seems like their testing time was reduced to one hour. There are alteast four quests mentioned:

-The planned assassination of a high Daggerfall noble (won´t Spoiler ;)) which is prevented by the hero and the incompetence of the assassins

-The hunting of a werewolf slaying a few beggars

-A run-away pig

-Some peasants are under attack by "forest demons" probably spriggans or imps, having a quest line, involving a nice witch

In the assassination quest the Castle of the noble you save turns into a single Player dungeon. After saving the guy sort of a market crier will exclaim your "win" to surrounding players. Concerns are uttered what could happen when two Players end the quest in the same moment, or that the crier will exclaim another "saviour hero" every 5 minutes...

The hint you get to the quest is creative, and I guess it´s in TES style with a more lovely touch.

A dog sits at the main gate and whines. As you come closer it will jump up and follow you, but will soon return to ist place. Some NPCs talk about the dog, they feel like it wants to lead them somewhere (get the hint ;) and the hint to Barbas). So you follow the dog to the sewers, where you find its master´s corpse... and two assassins waiting next to it. After putting them to justice for murdering and lollygagging you find a letter in their corpses, revealing an even greater conspiracy...

Beside quests it was said, that the areas were a little empty, but they will be more filled with NPCs. Also the regions are leveled, probably in 6 Level rates (Lvl6 area, Lvl12 area, Lvl18 area... and so on)

Known cities from TES 2 Daggerfall were mentioned: Daggerfall and Camlorn

I hope I didn´t hurt any copy rights, with translating and summing up the article :P

Feel free to post English articles or reports, if there already are any.

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I watched a video yesterday that mentioned a certain "noble". ;) Lol I think I know who it is, but I won't give anything away.

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(May 29th 2013, 02:20 AM)Idriar Wrote: -A run-away pig

Shit just got serious.

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I can confirm everything found in that article is true,
although I'm not sure if we're allowed to talk about it.

I can only assume that they got permission to talk about it all.

The quests were exciting and really useful for learning your surroundings, along with basic to moderate combat techniques and strategies. One or more of the quests also lead into the Fighters and Mages quest lines, and you begin investigating occurrences related to the Main Quest. Interestingly enough, there really wasn't a way to tell if you were working on the main questline, or side quests. This is because everything was intertwined; if you chose to assist a person in another quest, they might help you in the future!

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(May 29th 2013, 04:04 AM)Triskele Wrote:
(May 29th 2013, 02:20 AM)Idriar Wrote: -A run-away pig

That cracked me up.

Shit just got serious.

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