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New Leaked Video

Started by Alibis136
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So there is a new leaked video, supposedly from a russian source. I will say that its only 1 min and 30 secs long, and the quality leaves a ton to be desired. I still feel a little better myself after seeing this one. It all takes place in 1 indoor area, but it still looked better then the first video to me.

Some things Id like to point out about this one

- I dont remember seeing the red outline in the first video targeting a mob, its in this one
- The graphics even with bad quality video seem better, by looking at things like texture on walls.
- was cool to see a melee character shooting some balls of light (spell)

However 1 thing, 1 major thing is just driving me crazy. The running animation is sooooo horribly bad, I beg that everyone on here who gets into beta needs to bring this up. The only thing I can even remotely compare it too would be the female undead in world of warcraft. They way they kinda leaped instead of running and floated above the ground kinda.
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