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New player having trouble

Started by Tides5
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Hello :-)

Just bought the game yesterday and i am having some code redemption issues. Well 1 issue.

I redeemed my game code (That i got via Steam since it was on 50% sale) for the normal version of Elder Scrolls Online:Tamriel Unlimited.

I got my email verifying this, but the official website account does not reflect this. It says i added a Public Test Realm to my account today.. Did Steam just scam the living daylights out of me, getting me to pay for a public test realm?

I realize you guys might have little to nothing to say that can help me, but im at a loss. Steam community is down (as usual) so cant ask there if anyone experienced this.

I played Beta way back for this game and ended up being banned from their forums over a dispute with a moderator, yet thats somehing over a year in the past, and it was explicitly stated that the ban would under no circumstances carry over to the live game.

Obviously i've opened up a new support ticket with the official website, but knowing MMO's support, that could take days, even weeks. I have 13 days untill i have no choice but to ask for a refund.

How fast is the support? Anyone ever experienced or heard of someone experiencing this before?

Regards, a disgruntled Elder Scrolls Fan.

Added a screenie to show that my account is in a sad state :(

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