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New to ESO, looking for friends and help on PS4

Started by Burglesworth
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Aldmeri Dominion
Hey there cool kids, I'm a new to ESO. I bought the game because I loved the Elder Scrolls games that I've played before, especially Skyrim.

I decided to make a Khajit NightBlade, because it was pretty similiar to what I've always played on any game, whether it be PC/PS4/Table top rpgs etc.

But I'm a little intimidated, I've done a lot of reading online, and I just can't seem to get straight answers without spending money.

The class I've chosen to play is very slow coming out of the gate, but after what I've read can be very good at DPS. It also falls in line with what I prefer to do.

I've played 2 other MMO's on PC, Everquest and WoW. But nothing like this. I'm just a little lost, and could use a little guidance and maybe make a friend on PlayStation 4 that can help me out with getting my character on the right track.

I decided to make my screen name here the same as my character on the United states server. if anyone can help me out I'll be online pretty much everyday after work about 5:30 PM central standard time.

Skills points, trade skills, where to level, what quest lines? am I spec'd right? how do I get weapons? Armor?

A Little help please?

Your help is appreciated.
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Aldmeri Dominion
Welcome my friend this one thinks that you have made a wise choice joining the Aldmeri Dominion, we are much better the the pups of the Covenant and the barbarians of the Pact. I wish I could help you more gameplay wise but im on the XBONE. Il give you some advice, you have a good race with a good class but if you plan to be dps i would advise the wood elf if you arent to far into the game because of the fact that the Khajiit are more tanks than dps because the Khajiit regenerate health faster in combat while the Bosmer (wood elves) regenerate stamina. Make sure if your dps put points into medium armor and wear the medium armor. If you are going to be a tank level your heavy armor and wear heavy gear. But word of advice (the next part is just my opinion) I had a wood elf nightblade that i despised because of the class and I leveled her up to vet 2 and I just hated being a nightblade for numerous reasons and recently started an High Elf Sorceror who i adore and love the class and I started a Templar who is just awesome when going into dungeons for the amount of healing the they can do. But its up to you it really is. The main quest line, mages guild, and fighters guild only have missions around every 5 levels while the main alliance war in which you will travel across Auridon, all of Valenwood, and Reapers March doing missions for the Aldmeri Dominion who will be availible at any time but level will be assigned to the level of the certain area of each peice of the map. You can get weapons and armor by loot but the best way to get armor is to craft your own using wood working for bows, staffs, and shields. Metalworking for swords, daggers, axes, greatswords, battle axes, and heavy armor. Finally, use clothing to craft light armor and medium armor. The best way to get materials to craft is to grind stealing weapons, clothing, jerkins, and metal armor, then you Decraft them (sry I can remember the word at the moment) and then you can craft anything you want.

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