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New to MMO setting. Looking for a guild.

Started by TangoOscarPapa
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Aldmeri Dominion
As stated in the the topic line: I'm new to the MMO setting and I'm looking for the right guild for me. I'm on the Xbox One console. Gamer tag: TangoOscarPapa. I'm an old man, lol. I have 2 teenagers and a preteen. I work regular hours M-F 8-4:30. My wife works rotating shifts, so household/family responsibilities are shared. If there is any consistency to my game time: Saturday and Sunday mornings, sometimes throughout the weekend(s) and occasionally during weeknights.
What I'm looking for:
  • Assistance with group quests/dungeons
  • Assistance with struggling solos
What I can offer:
  • Participation in the same assistance that I am requesting
  • Participation in raids
  • Participation in guild bank deposits
  • Participation. When I can play.
My main character is a level 26 Nightblade:
  • Bows
  • Duel weapons
  • Medium armor
  • Low Fighters and Mages guild
  • Low Daunted
  • Above 10 with Blacksmith, Woodworking and Clothier
  • Minimal time in The City (at this time)
If you think that your guild is, The Guild for us, let me know.
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