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News: Roleplay Spotlight on hold!

Started by Triskele
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Hey guys!

We have had sixteen wonderful Spotlights over the past four months. It has been the team's pleasure to dig into the sections every week and read all the amazing works the community constantly writes, in order to choose two people every time. We want to thank each and every member who has been contributing - without you, we'd have a dull job, and no Spotlights at all! Please, keep it up!

With that said, we as a team have a little announcement. For the time being, we are going to put the weekly Spotlight on a hold, for various reasons. First off, we feel that in four months time, we have been depleting the section somewhat. We want to give it (meaning: you!) time to fill it to the brim again with expansive works, series, biographies, poems, and more.

Secondly, our Spotlight is exactly that which the name suggests: a little ray of sunshine for writing that has been extraordinary in every way. Many people have been sending us PM's asking how they can make it to the Spotlight. The answer to that would be: stand out. Make us spot your stories and biographies! Do this not only through your writing, but with images, colours, a nice lay-out, anything you feel that adds to what you have created.

With our upcoming break, we want to give people a chance to refill the section for a few weeks, and to create those outstanding things everybody loves to see on the slider.

Keep on writing, and we hope to continue with the weekly Spotlights very soon!

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Aww, I like the spotlight! but I can't say you'r wrong. Now to write some more RP stuff...

The Kynaran Order
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This will give me time to finish my story..if work permits!

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That's a shame, though as long as it's gonna be coming back then I'm happy. Well congrats to all of the people who have won the RP spotlight so far and good luck to everyone who hasn't, for future times.
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Vlos Hithern

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So will this be starting up again or not?

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