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Started by Exodia
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Firstname - Ven
Surname -
Title -
Sex - Male
Race - Breton or Redguard
Age - 17-18
Occupation - Nightblade
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - He wears a black hood with a mask that allows you to only see his eyes (Might remove the hood and just have the mask) . He wears dark armor but the top of it is concealed by a cloak on the shoulder. With a belt and a strap over the armor. The pants are light armor with some leather straps on it. The shoes he wears are black with leather. He also has Black hair with hazel eyes. Stands about 6'2ish
Personality - Comedic, Silent
Social Background/Backstory - Born as a Noble. Abducted by an unknown organization
Best Memory -
Worst Memory -
Skills - Archery, One handed sword, Magic
Challenges for the Character - Can't kill
Birthsign Leo
Religious Views None
Politics Views Stays away from Politics

Species Wolf
Name Arctis

'If the world is made of light and darkness... we'll be the darkness'
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