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Nightblade Dual-Wield Build

Started by ClickCrisis
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
Preferred Nightblade Perks.

ULTIMATE: Consuming Darkness

- Teleport Strike
- Blur
- Mark Target
- Haste
- Assassin’s Blade

- Shadow Cloak
- Veiled Strike
- Path of Darkness
- Aspect of Terror

- Strife
- Cripple

Dual Wield
- Flurry
- Whirlwind
- Sparks
- Hidden Blade

Medium Armor
- Evasion

- Assassin
- Master Assassin
- Executioner
- Pressure Points
- Hemorrhage

- Refreshing Shadow
- Dark Veil

- Catalyst
- Magicka Flood

Dual Wield
- Slaughter
- Dual Wield Expert
- Controlled Fury

Medium Armor
- Improved Sneak
- Windwalker
- Athletics
- Dexterity
- Agility

NOTE: This is my knowledge of how the skill tree works. I do not know if it will be possible to get all of these perks, nor do I know if it is easy to obtain this. This would be my preferred perks, in my own playstyle, and I have so many Actives so that for each different situation (For example: I have Cripple to slow down enemies) and etc. This is not at all a suggestion for you to copy off these skills, as I am not a professional and in no way have I been associated with the Beta. Thanks.
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Dar'Rak: Khajiit assassin, son of the Mane, at your service. But not really.
Im-Kur: Argonian Nightblade, killer of men, caster of spells.
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You have a lot to figure out and learn, I suggest reading through the Nightblade build thread in this section of the forum. I suggest reading the TESO database site. Youtube TESO guide videos etc.

Youtube (TESO PvP HQ videos!)

The Kazoku Order
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I think with the help of skysharde hunting it may be possible but still hard. the problem i found was once getting new spells etc where to organize them within the 5 slots so i couldnt really venture out if i wanted to keep my current spells or level them up more. It also effected my pvp skills solo i owned but within a group was my down fall ( this is my first game where im engaged into pvp).

i need to get researching before launch =]
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