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Nirandril [WIP]

Started by Cairanmac1
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname - Nirandril
Surname -
Title -
Sex - Male
Race - High Elf
Age - 386 years old, born 9th of Second Seed 2E 197
Occupation - Thief, Assassin, Mercenary, Adventurer, Mage
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion, Blood Coven
Appearance - Nirandril appears to look in his mid 20s. His skin is a paler tone to the normal gold of altmer. His hair is dark brown and is always shaved short and neat although he has a small, rough beard
Personality - Nirandril tries to remain positive and and is always trying to be funny, or at least show the lighter side of things, sometimes border lining sarcastic. He often prefers to work alone but is never afraid to work with friends and allies when the need arises. Nirandril holds loyalty and honor highly as he believes they are solid foundations in maintaining any alliance, be that of friends or armies.
Social Background/Backstory - [WIP]
Best Memory - [WIP]
Worst Memory - [WIP]
Skills - Nirandril is a skilled sorcerer, bladesman and archers as well as being excellent at sneaking and lockpicking.
Challenges for the Character - Resisting the need to feed, especially on innocents.
Birthsign - The Shadow
Religious Views - Nirandril has strayed from the divines since his vampirism but still follows them. He also follows some Daedra such as Azura, Hermaeus Mora, Meridia and Nocturnal.
Politics Views - Nirandril does not believe in heavily in Mer over Men. But does believe that elves hold the right to rule Tamriel over the human races and so supports the Aldmeri Dominion and his queen.
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