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Nocturnal Descendant's
Nocturnal Descendant's

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by GraphicalAsp39.
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About Nocturnal Descendant's
Main History Ranks / How To Join
The Nocturnal Descendant's are an organisation consisting of many skilled Warriors and Assassins. The Guild aims at ending tyranny and oppression that haunts Tamriel in times of war, as well as bringing justice to the evil that threatens civilization. This group of noble assassins are assigned to take out any form of darkness, whether it be petty crimes or Ancient evils that plague the lands, but wherever darkness hides, you'll find them, or meet your end.
The Nocturnal Descendant's were formed many years ago when great war threatened Tamriel, the name represents that this guild will carry on and our descendants will fill the void of our death, as well as the fact that they hunt during the night, along side nocturnal creatures, such as the guilds symbolic Owl. The Guild was formed in the 7th century in 1E 609 when King Thagore of Daggerfall was at conflict with the army of Glenpoint, by creating an unknown group of skilled assassins he planned to obtain the battle plans of Glenpoint army and defeat them with it. This method proved successful and King Thagore defeated the army of Glenpoint, This group of assassins then expanded and decided to use their skills for justice and for the good of Tamriel, to this day they still exist and carry out whatever task may be required of them.
The ranks are as follows:
1 - Guild Master
2 - General
3 - Commanding Officer
4 - Assassin
5 - scrub
====================================================================================================== The Guild Leader controls the organisation and leads his fellow members, he has the highest authority and has the most privileges.

The Generals are second in command and if anything should happen to the Guild Master, one of them is selected as the new Guild Master and assign's another General to fill his place. they have the second most authority and a high set of privileges.

Commanding Officer controls the tasks that the assassins must complete but has moderate privileges and takes orders from Generals.

Assassins are the general field agents that participate in daily combat and stealthy procedures that have moderate privileges.

Scrubs are new members to the guild that must be tested in order to fully join the guild and enroll in initiation, they have limited privileges.
====================================================================================================== How to join:

To join the guild simply message me, leave a comment or contact me by email or through Xbox live.


Gamertag: GraphicalAsp39

I'll add any members to my Xbox live friends list and make a list of all the members, once the game is released on Xbox one, i will invite all guild members to the in-game guild and we'll get started straight away.
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Nocturnal Descendant's Comments
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I'm glad my guilds up and everything.. but why the hell is the rank 'scrubs' a link?.. Irritated_2
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Good luck with your guild!

I was just wondering, will this be an xbox one guild or a PC/MAC guild?

Dular gro-Bar: Arcanean Guardian Of The Council Of Arcanea
Guild Leader (Warlord) Of The Azorku Dynasty, An Orc Only RP Guild
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