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NOCTURNAL'S SHADOWS: Looking for recruits! New Trade/PVP/PVE guild

Started by CopyNinjaLu
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Daggerfall Covenant
Trying to start a serious and active guild for players looking to loot castles, houses and dungeons and make gold together as a guild. Looking for players who don't mind depositing gold weekly to help keeps our funds high in order to hire a major city guild trader. Rules are simple really, deposit gold frequently, donate unwanted items to the guild bank for others to use and help recruit to expand our guild. I plan on reaching 60 to 80 members at the moment so please don't hesitate to request an invite. Any level, race, class or profession are welcome (as long as you loyal and help our guild become stronger. We also have werewolf and vampire bites for those who are loyal to our guild!). Comment below for a guild invite! I appreciate your time.

Starting from bottom! So far we are 13 members strong
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