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noob needs help at davons watch

Started by hypernemes
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Hel all greetings :)

Im at davons watch on the map and ive chosen to stand with fort zeren.

My problem is that no matter how many bad guys i kill or that kill me i annot for the life of me find the portals im supposed to destroy.

What on earth do they look like... and were are they please lol

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Sry for the late reply, we don't check this forum often any more. The UESP wiki is a great resource for these sort of problems:

Then search for your keywords, prefixed by "online" to denote the game: ESO.

Specifically, it helps to search for the exact name of your quest, as shown on the upper right corner of your ESO HUD (assuming you have the proper quest "active"), or when you press "J" and look at the quest. Also, when googling the quest it helps to search for the exact name. This link will help you find all the Stonefalls (Davon's Watch is in Stonefalls) quests for more info:
Look under "Quests."

Or perhaps you are still in Bal Foyen (or Dhalmora, an Argonian settlement in Bal Foyen), and not yet to Davon's Watch as you indicated, in which case this would be the appropriate page:

It has been a very long time since I have been that low a level, and I don't remember much of the details, especially with such sparse description of your problem - perhaps if I had a bit more of an explanation of the previous events of your quest, like for example did you burn the ladders and catapults yet? If not, and if you are in fact in Davon's Watch (and not Bal Foyen, nor Foyen docks), then I think your objective is either on the beach N(W) of Davon's Watch or in a building in Davon's Watch. But I really think you aren't at that quest that I am thinking of in Davon's Watch.

Maybe you are talking about this quest, which is not in Davon's Watch at all, but not too far away:

Or maybe you are talking about this quest, which is before you get to Davon's Watch, in Bal Foyen:
It requires you to close 5 portals, then another master portal. Unfortunately, I don't remember where they are, but most quest objectives have "quest pins" on your HUD "radar" - the black ribbon at the top of your screen - just go toward the quest markers when pointed in their direction. Sometimes they show up on the map too (press "M").

That's the best I can do with the info given. GL to you.
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