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Noob needs Race help / Nightblade Assassin

Started by Rexbudman
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Hi all!

I've only played a couple of MMO's, and I have pre-purchased this game and I'm really excited about it. I tried to look for a similar thread but sort of wanted to ask my own questions and hope that someone can help me. Thanks for taking the time to read my thread.

Ok, so; I am planning on playing a Nightblade / Assassin.

My question is simple; what is going to be the most effective Nightblade Assassin race?

My aim is to be a PvP Demon. I mainly play these games for PvP anyway. I want to also be a high DPS toon when in Dungeons/Instances.

Which race should I choose to achieve the largest possible DPS with racial abilities aiding me in the process?

Thanks again :)
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Honestly the racial skills aren't a massive factor you can play any role from any race.

If you want to squeeze out extra DPS with your NB Redguards get buffs to stamina regen, and max stamina. Seen a ton of streams with people playing Redguards 2H/bow or 1HSheild/Bow.

Personally I've gone Dunmer, surprised I haven't seen many people do the same. At least on twitch and youtube. The problem with being a NB is you'll be using magicka and stamina abilities. It's a real pain as other classes can dump all skill points into one line. Dunmer get a buff to both albeit 6% max (Dynamic skill) to both and another 3% to magicka (Resist Flame). They all so skill up duel wield an extra 15% faster. But this skill will be redundant once it's max'd.

Away from DPS Khajiit get a bonus to stealth radius which will be a massive help in solo/small group PvP. I've had a little go at PvP being albe to see them before they see you is a massive advantage. A lot of people have recommended Khajiit for best NB race but for stealth reasons not DPS.

By far the best PvP stuff I've seen comes from Ziz on youtube. His videos break down awesome PvP moments to almost frame by frame decisions.

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Dunmer sounds best with what you want.
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