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Nordic Empire
Nordic Empire

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by The Order of Chaos.
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About Nordic Empire
Main Empire The Guild
We Nords are a proud race, as well as being the toughest and strongest race, out of all the races in Tamriel we are the toughest therefore should have a rightful place on the throne of Tamriel.
This guild will be run by a council of all the players who wish to be among it, a democratic guild, this means that all members will have there voice heard.
we are a Nordic guild this does not mean that we will only be Nords, if your character in the game has been created and you want to add a bit more roleplaying into the game you can say that there is Nord within your blood, if there is Nordic blood running through your veins then you will be aloud within the guild, but you will have to prove yourself before you can become a member of the council.
There will be higher members of the council and they will have over all authority and have the final say in what happens.
This guild is made so that Nords can have power over Tamriel and the way to gain power is by working together, we will be an army growing in strength and power hoping to gain our rightful place on the throne.
There are a few positions in the higher council.
High Leader
the leader of the guild has the final overall say in what happens to the guild
Vice High Leader
next in line to the status of high leader
War Chief
very high influence over the high leader in the choice of where to attack and when
Captain of Offence
next inline to Warchief also commands the front line of the Nordic armies
Captain of Defence
chooses the positions of armies where they should be placed when under attack and tells the guild any important info on the army attacking.
then other jobs may be required such as diplomat, messenger, and merchant.
We Nords are the strongest race among all in Tamriel therefore we are the most worthy for an empire. the guild is happy to accept members who are not Nord but as I have said must have Nord running through there blood, therefore must be true to the cause, to have a Nordic empire.
Power comes with a cost, there will be a lot of fights that we have to face but we are made for fighting as we are Nordic, there will be a lot of death but in the end we will be victorious and we will become the strongest guild and strongest race there is.
Tamriel is full of other weaker races and all of us know that the true race of Tamriel is the Nords the only race that can survive the onslaught of the alliance war is us Nords, this is why we are the rightful owners of the throne, and if anyone wishes to take that from us they can try but they will have to face an army of Nordic steal to get the throne from us.
I have placed the play style as moderate this is due to the fact that many people may just be casual gamers and some may be hardcore either way this does not bother me, all I ask is that each player does there little bit for the guild trying to bring it to the glory it deserves. those players who play less of the game may yet still be able to get to the top ranks of the guild and this will be by saying good ideas and being able to speak your mind when it comes to situations.

The Council
I hope for the idea of a council to work, a democratic government seems to work just fine, so the high leaders will put forth some ideas and together we will decide what the alliances next big move is to do, you will not have to question the high leaders on everything that you do, but every siege that we wish to attempt will have to be planned and navigated to perfection in order to make them work.

High Council
I want the high council to constantly be giving ideas (good ones) toward the guilds cause this will allow us to have many Nordic minds put into one giving us a great advantage over many guilds. if you believe yourself to be able to fill in one of the slots available for high council then please comment and say that you wish to take that place but there may be more than one of you so you will have to persuade me that you are the better for that position.

other places in the guild
Merchants, Diplomats and all other jobs will be available if you like the sound of selling merchandise on the game and making a big old business then we would be more than happy to purchase weapons off you, hopefully at a discount, you can be the Guild merchant, then you may also be used as bait for ambushes and some other cunning tricks, so if you want to fill a position of guild Merchant then please just ask.

The guilds overall aim is to become the ruler of the largest empire in Tamriel and have a Nord upon the throne.
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