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Noric Alabane

Started by Noric the Oblivious
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Name:Noric, Albane.
Looks: long brown hair with goatee ,and Brown eyes
Height ,"6,0" Weight,179lb
Born: EveningStar 1, 2E ,556
Archetype: Trained in Medium Armor, Bow, Long sword, and daggers.
Fondest Memory:Meeting Zar'kir
Worst Memory:Seeing his mother burned then used as a human shield agains arrows.


Early Life,
Noric grew up in Evermore with a twin brother, Tristine who where very much similar in size and personality and his younger sister, Elara who was always finding ways of getting her brothers in trouble. When 4 years old, Noric's father died of an infection caused by a wolf bite. 3 Years later, Noric's mother remarried a High Elf merchant. At first the Altmer seemed to be a fine father. Then it all changed. After convincing their mother to move to a farm near Wayrest he became a endless pain. And even in sime circumstances cause it and hardly buy enough food then spend the rest of the coin for himself. Not only that ,but work them all nearly to death while he slouched on the porch shouting commands. One day Noric stood up fore himself by refusing to work. Arenmor soon changed that buy locking him in basement for 2 days with hardly any water and just a skeever tail to eat.

Pre-teen years -Early teens,
He and his brother now 14 and his sister 12 it even began getting worse. Some days Arenmor would buy no food, for them at least. Then one day bandits attacked their farm.
The house was blazing with fire and stormed with arrows. But all Arenmor did was crouch in the corner clutching a satchel of gold and food. Noric's mother cleared a path for them through the fire but before she could even speak Arenmor pushed her out of the way and partially of her into the fire. He ran out the and awaiting him was bows being loaded with arrows. Without hesitation Arenmor grabbed their mother and used her crippled burning body as a human shield against a barrage of flaming arrows.And sadly he escaped. Noric's last word to his Altmer step father where curses to the divines and how he'll make sure personally that he will wander the plains of Oblivion for eternity.The smoke became to much for Noric and his siblings. He took one last look at his dead mother and made a split second decision. Noric and took his sisters and brothershand. He tried too move Elara but she wouldn't budge. He kept pulling and pulling her hand and telling they had to go. Noric then relized she had gone unconssious. He and his brother began pulling harder then and eventually made it through the back door. His sister was still unconsiouss as they made their way to the field at the back of their house. Noric fell over in the dirt exhausted and sad. His brother kneeled and began to cry. And His sister would be determind dead or alive in the morning.
Noric was the last to wake up to the horrific sight. Their cabin burned and in the front a burned charred body on a pike, their mother. Noric then pushed down the pike and covered the body with a blanket. all they could find in the reminents of the house was a few gold pieces and a stale loaf of bread. They didn't know it but Noric devised a plan. They were going to travel to Daggerfall and find a way to find money. After they ate their bread they started off to Daggerfall

With the little gold they had they were able to take a boat across the Iliac bay to Daggerfall. After their arrival Noric, Tristine, And Elara began looking for work. But no work could be found. So Noric and Tristine had to come up with a way and they did, as theives. Tristine would often cause a distraction while Noric would steal whatever food he could from a vender. At the age of 16 one day while pulling their normal routine, they were caught.
Right as Noric was going to take a sweet role unexpectally a hand swatted his away. Noric looked up and saw a kajiit taking a bite out of the sweet role. "That's mine." He yelled and then quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed but they were all too busy trying to help Tristine and his "broken" arm. The kajiit replied "No, and it never was going to be." Noric then looked down embarrassed. In a calm voice the kajiit said, "Come, signal your brother to get up and then meet me in the alley way across from here. tomorrow at three. And don't be late." Noric then waved his hand and him and his brother returned home empty handed. Luckily for them their sister became good at begging and got 50 septims so they ate at the tavern instead. The next day they met the kajiit and in the ally and their real training as thieves began.

Late Teens - Adult hood,
The Kajiits real name was Za'Kir. For two years they trained and got better every day. Then one day Tristine and Noric were going to put to the test. Bythis time Elara had began working at the tavern and was a great source to see who had what and what it's worth. And one day the emperor of Tamriel was coming to Daggerfall. And they where going to steal the Amulets of Kings.
It took weeks to prepare but they finished in time. It would take all three of then Noric, Tristine, And Zar'kir to pull it off. Hall by hall room by room they made their way to the Emperors chamber. Finally they made it undetected. The emperor was gone and there was the Amulet in the case. As soon as they could they got the amulet and a few memoribilik items and left safe. But then the next day they all heard the name they wished they didn't . When Noric when't to tell Elara of success he heard two redguards talking about a bandit camp leaded by a hight-elf with the name of Alenmore. It all came clear then. The night the marriage the labor, all to get him and his bandit friends rich. Using every contact they had Noric and Tristine found out the location. Noric, Tristine, Elara, and even Zar'Kir will attack the camp and kill Alenmor.
The next night the attacked silently they crept through the camp sparing no one then they all crept towards the main leaders tent. All dead except the one they set out for but soon it will be done. Noric crept into the large tent with dagger ready at hand. He stood over the Altmer starring down of him and he raised his dagger about to plunge it into the traitors heart. Then before he could kill him a yell for help came from outside. Noric rushed outside to see what had happened. And there was his family and mentor with knives to their throats. "Well done." came a voice behind him'you almost got me didn't you Noric." Noric then felt a cold blade against his neck. And the weilder, who else but Alenmor. "Don't think your one of the first kids I've ever seen try to avenge their parents. But you are the first to get this far." Alenmor sprouted a grin from his long chiseled face. Noric looked at his mentor and said "How bout now before he gets to cocky." Zar'Kir spun around and dug his claws into his captors eye-sockets. Before they knew it ti was a full fledged war. Bandit after bandit fell but none were Alenmore. Instead he was standing back watching his friends get cut down. Finally Arenmor stepped in and began deflecting all their blows until it was only him left. Then came a blood curdling shriek from their khajiit friend. Noric looked and saw Arenmors blade penetrating Zar's armor. The altmer pulled out the sword and then thrusted it towards Noric and then was easily deflected. Noric pinned the high-elf against the tree put a knife to his chest and spoke the words"What I want is for you to suffer. To rot in Oblivion like you deserve. But that's up to the gods. All I'm doing is insuring you meet your fate even sooner." With every word the knife got deeper and deeper into his chest. Until it was sticking through his back and he was gasping for air. Then the last words he heard were,"Don't you dare think I'll feel bad about this later." Noric dropped the dagger and along fell the Altmer he always wanted to kill. But then he remembered, Zar'Kir. They all crouched by their mentor while Noric tried to stop the bleeding. "Stop." yelled Zar'kir. "I can save you" Noric replied in a trembling tone as tears came to his eyes."STOP!" He screamed ounce more. "If it is my time then theirs no stopping it. All of you have been like the sons and daughter I've never been able to have. Take care of each other and don't forget what I've taught you all these years. I die knowing I've helped someone. Here take this it is my Will everything in their I mention is for you. I wish you well and I hope to see you in the next life." Zar'kirs grip on Norics hand became looser until he finally let go.

Three years later,
In the Will there was mention of a house and enough gold for all of them to retire. Even though he could retire Noric still kept honing his skills and decided to sell the Amulet of Kings and then give all the money to charity. Noric was tired from a long day of planning. After all Elara was getting married in the morning. The man she was engaged to wasn't exactly who he expected Elara to marry but he was a honest man. Only if you consider a thief honest. Noric crawled into the soft bed and gently fell asleep. When he awoke though something was odd. He wasn't in their luxourious house he was in a cell. 'Wll they finally got me.' Noric thought to himself 'And right before Elaras wedding. I wonder what she'll think when she finds out Im in jail.' But he wasn't in jail he was in a cell but only in Coldharbor and someone stole a thiefs soul. How ironic
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Noric Alabane - A Brenton scout who has had a terrible past
Zar'Karri - A wandering khajiit who wants to find his sister
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