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Noric Alabane and the Journey of A Life Time Part 2

Started by Noric the Oblivious
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Noric and his new khajiit friend, Zar’Karri entered the city of Hegathe tired from their travels. Being noon must of the shops would still be open and busy. The brenton and khajiit awed at the smells and architecture of the beautiful city. “Who new their could be a city this big in the middle of a desert.” Spoke Noric eyeing all the venders filling the streets constantly yelling prices of objects.

“I’ve seen better.” Said Zar’Karri, “Now Torval that is a wonderful city.” Zar began looking in the stalls for something to quench his appetite but to him, most things seemed unappealing. He turned around to only see strangers around him and Noric nowhere to be found

Noric was looking around for a wedding present and then a beautiful silver ship model caught his eye. It was almost completely silver and a soft silk for a mast and sat atop a wave no doubt made of malachite. Noric knew this would be perfect for his sister and asked the merchant for the price. “For you 1700gold.”replied the trader. “That’s outrageous. I’ll do 600.” Noric replied. “No, you seem like a decent man. How about 1500.” Counter offered the merchant. “How about 850 and I give you this gold amulet I came across.” Noric brought the could necklace out of his satchel and new this would work and it did. Noric picked up the ship, which was actually lighter, then it looked and placed it into his satchel.

Noric was about to yell out for Zar’Karri but before he could he a chilling voice in his ear which whispered “Help me.” Noric swung around but no one was there. Then again the voice whispered, “Help me.” Again the voice repeated but it was easier to locate the location. Noric followed the voice into alleyway where it was only him. Until he heard it this time but instead it said “Found you.” But in a more scratchy voice and it seemed right next to him. Noric not having to think unsheathed his blade and swung around with a death blowing swing but it was countered. But not by an enemy it was his friend Zar’Karri.

“What is wrong with you I could have been killed.” Shouted the angered khajiit. “Sorry.” Noric replied “I thought you where some one else.”
Noric began to look around now noticing it was midnight and it was only him and Zar standing in the alley.

“Come we missed our ship so we have to wait until tomorrow. But till then we must find somewhere to sleep. Noric and Zar made their way through the empty streets of Hegathe to a small inn and stayed their for the night.

Noric was asleep but in his dream he was not he was in a dark empty field all alone and was running but from running, but from what. “You will soon be mine.” Came a menacing voice. “You shall be in my realm, serving me” The voice boomed. Then Noric stopped running and in front of him was an old farm house. Noric watched the house as it then began to burn and the screams of the people inside. The door flung open and out came an altmer who was using the mother of the children inside as a shield against the arrows of the bandits around him. But it was Norics mother his home his screams of terror. Noric sat up in his bead covered I cold sweats. In the next bed over was Zar’Karri sleeping no doubt peacefully and possibly dreaming of his homeland in Elsweyr. Noric couldn’t shake that dream it seemed all to real but in the mean time he needed his rest .For tomorrow will be his sisters wedding and he wouldn’t want to be late.

When Shadows Fall We Will Rise.

Noric Alabane - A Brenton scout who has had a terrible past
Zar'Karri - A wandering khajiit who wants to find his sister
Mira Mournshade - A dunmer assassin who seek revenge for her father
Whispers-With-Trees - An argonian slave who escaped and befriended Mira

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