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Noric Alabane and the Journey of A Life Time Part 3 (Extended)

Started by Noric the Oblivious
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Noric couldn't shake the dream it seemed so real so, alive to him. He hadn't told his Zar'Karri yet and hadn't planned to. It was the next day and they where making their way to the ship. The docks were less crowded then the streets of Hegathe. Here there where only crewmen and passengers. With the occasianal fisherman and guard which for some reason Zar stayed mostly away from. The ship was an average sized vessel only able to carry about 50 or so people.

Noric made his way up the plank only to be surprised that Zar still waiting on the dock as if scared by something. "Why are you waiting Zar there's nothing here but me." Noric yelled to his companion.

"Maybe we should wait for the next one. I think there is something wrong with the ship." Zar began to back away in odd fashion signilingy Noric to come as well.

"Oh, your not scared of some water aren't you." Noric began to grin at the thought of the khajiit being afraid.

"No! It's just that this boat doesn't seem safe to me."

Noric began to give a slight laugh then said "By Akatosh, your no better then a common house cat aren't you"Zar was insulted by Noric proposal. He was nothing like a house cat.

"I am nothing like those felines."

"Then get on this ship." Noric knew this would work. And it did, slowly Zar made his way on to the ship. After some time the ships mast unraveled and they began to make their way to Stros M'Kai. No words where spoken between the two. for Zar had seemed angered with Noric and he had a reason too. In his mind it was Noric was mocking him in front of a crowd of people. But finally it was broken by Noric when he said "I guess we're parting ways after this aren't we." Zar looked at Noric and began to feel sad in side he didn't want to part ways, not yet. But yet they had too. "Yes, I suppose so. Perhaps we will see each other again." Noric at his khajiit friend and said "Perhaps we will." Then before he knew it they where parting ways and saying good bye to each other. But before he left Zar turned around facing Noric and tossed a satchel of gold towards Noric and said "Tell you sister I wish her the best of luck" Then he left not knowing if they where going to see each other again, but yet they both had a feeling they would.

Noric wandered around Saints Port for some time only to find him self feeling lonesome. But then he remembered the reason he came. To find his sister and be at her wedding. After some time of scouting around the coastline he found some tents set up around an alter of Mara. He began to approach the tents and found his brother Tristine sitting in a chair looking discouraged.

Noric walked up next to his twin and placed a hand on his shoulder "Whats wrong brother." Tristine looked up at his brother then got up from his chair and hugged Noric. Noric hugged pristine back and then stood there for a moment embracing each other. It had been months since they saw they saw each other and it felt good to be reunited. "Elara will be happy to see you. Come she's in the tent." Noric followed Tristine into the tent and saw his sister standing there in a white dress with a crown of flowers on her head. Elara looked up and met Norics gaze. "It's good to see you Brother" Elara spoke "You too sister." They gave each other a short hug and then Noric left to meet the man she was to marry.

He never met the man but all he knew was he is a red guard and is training to become a soldier for the Imperial guard. Noric entered the other tent and saw him. He was averged height for a redguard and strongly built. He had blue eyes and short dark. He was young, no doubt around 21 years of age.
The redguard extended out his hand to Noric and said "So you must be Elara's brother Noric. I am Amir" Noric took the redguards hand and spoke "I am, and it's nice too meet you in person." They released each others hand and had a short conversation on what plans him and Elara have. They where going to live in the city until his training was done and someday move to possibly Cheydinhal and raise a family. Noric then left once more to change into his clothes for the soon to be wedding.

Noric was not enjoying his clothing. It was to tight and to soft. Not to mention how hot he got in it due to the heat. He sat in the front row next to his brother and waited for the ceromony to begin. Soon music began to play and out came Elara in her wedding dress and already at the alter was Amir smiling. Noric looked at the redguard and swore he saw him cry only to then feel a tear fall down his cheek as well. The ceremony when on smoothly and then came the moment.

"Do you take Elara as you wife." spoke the priest

"I do."

"Do you take Amir as your husband."

"I do."

"Then under the grace of Mara pronounce you ……" Before the priest could finish he flew back in pain as an arrow pierced his heart." Multiple screams came from the crowd as the priest layer dead in the sand. Noric turned his head and saw multiple hooded figures standing with weapons in their hands and in front of them all was an Imperial in dark robes holding the bow that killed the priest. "Kill them all and collect their souls for Molag-Bal!" Shouted the Imperial who was in charge. And so the hooded figures did they began to kill the people in the crowd. Noric stood up and drew his sword as one came at him. He dodged the swing of its mace and then deflected another deadly blow.

Behind him Tristine conjured an atronarch and began casting spells on the beings. Noric took several swings finally detaching the head of the masked man from his body. But oddly instead of its head rolling to the floor its entire body fell to a pile of ash. Joining the fight was Amir who took out one of the figures almost instantly. Multiple shadows fell to the blades until finally only the imperial was left and he was Norics. Noric charged at him with all his might and was about to bring down a killing blow until he belt cold metal piercing his skin. He froze in his tracks to see the end of an arrow sticking in his chest. The sword felt to heavy for and he released it form his grasp. In front of him stood the Imperial holding the same bow in his hand that killed the priest. Noric dropped to his knees the killer took out a soul gem from his pocket and said. "You will be a fine prize for Molag-Bal." But the last words where cut off along with his head which rolled to the ground in front of Noric. Struggling to lift his head Noric saw Amir standing behind the decapitated body as it fell. Noric became increasingly weaker and fell to the only to see his soul being trapped into the gem. He was Molag-Bal's prize now, but not for long.
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