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Oath of the Cloak

Started by Harlwystyr
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Daggerfall Covenant

Oath of the Cloak
Sworn by all Cobalt Cloaks.

I, [full formal name], give my service unfailingly loyal to the Archmage of the Cobalt Cloaks, in full obedience of speech and action, that peace and order shall prevail in the kingdom, that magic and sword of mine own and others be used and not misused.
I do this in trust that the Archmage shall unswervingly serve the Kingdom of Daggerfall, and if the Archmage fall, or fail the citizens of the kingdom, my obedience shall be to the Council directly. When beset by strife or dispute, I shall act to preserve Tamriel.
By the Dragon of Daggerfall, as long as my breath takes and my eyes see, I serve the kingdom. On my life, may the realm endure.
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