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[Oceanic] The Fallen - Hardcore Raiding - 18+ - Recruiting Dedicated Players
[Oceanic] The Fallen - Hardcore Raiding - 18+ - Recruiting Dedicated Players

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, Crafting
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Pathogen.
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About [Oceanic] The Fallen - Hardcore Raiding - 18+ - Recruiting Dedicated Players
[Image: 343jkt0.png]

Hi everyone, we are currently preparing for the beta and launch of Elder Scrolls Online. To prepare to push endgame progression once the game is released, we are opening our recruitment to dedicated ESO players, since the game is currently in beta the requirements are very basic and simply used to give us a rough idea for recruitment.

All you are required to do is fill in the Application form provided and we will contact you shortly after. Even if you are not as dedicated or unsure how you will play in ESO, do not hesitate to apply as we have positions open for both casual and dedicated players alike. Currently we are recruiting the following...

Casual Players (All classes, play-styles welcome)
Hardcore Players (All classes, play-styles welcome)
Guild Officers (Currently two positions available)

You can apply HERE!

With the release of ESO we will see a change in guild structure to suit each players needs, such things as Class Leaders and Raid Leaders will be assigned at later stages, the longer you play with The Fallen, the higher your chance of progressing through the ranks. We do ask that all players applying for the guild be 18 years of age or older, exceptions can be made for players who are able to show dedication, maturity and a good knowledge of the game.

Just to add a little about myself, I am the guild leader and founder of The Fallen. I come from a very high end background, playing with such guilds as Adept and Tsunami in the WoW universe, I have also run successful guilds and achieved rank 1 on my server. Outside of WoW I also captained the highest ranking League of Legends team several years ago, I have traveled the country with my competitive play and won a decent amount of prize money. I believe my past has given me a wealth of knowledge at which I can run a very successful ESO guild.

If you would like to know more about me or the guild, you can simply head over to

currently waiting on a custom domain so the link above may change to

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[Oceanic] The Fallen - Hardcore Raiding - 18+ - Recruiting Dedicated Players Comments
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
In game name: Ares
Age: 17 , could say im serious and mature though.
Style: Hardcore

Now just a question to start off, region says ''other'' but what server will you be playing on? as I'm from Europe and im not joining that 350+ ping NA server.
Wanted to join this guild because I've always been a gamer that took everything a little too serious, (not LoL but another moba called smite, was always at the top but lacking an experienced team to win). In other MMO's ive always been the one that didn't mind grinding if you'd be rewarded for it. I just lacked teams and people to train/gather with.
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