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On Nobles & Wine - Part III

Started by Harlwystyr
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Part III

The thundering of boots came down the street in its usual, urgent ringing, announcing its presence to this sidewalk and that in what seemed mere moments. An old cobbler stiffened through the drunken haze he had ratherly recently been introduced to, and saw enough wisdom in himself to clear the way.

Gods above, but this day of Sun's Height had been blasted hot, Guard Captain Dalken told himself, and felt a certain appreciation for Kynareth as a gentle breeze swung rolled down the streets of Daggerfall and greeted him. It almost made him yearn for the long winters in memories nigh forgotten. He shot a quick glance across his shoulder and wondered how the few redguards in his company and began to understand why they had left Hammerfell.

"Captain Dalken, over here!" the voice of one of his men called.

Snapping out of his previous train of thoughts, the tall and brusque-looking Cedric Dalken went for the direction where the voice had come from, barely managing to catch his breath ere feeling a disgusting desire to throw up welling up inside him.

Sprawled across the cobblestone lay the body of Her Ladyship, Duchess Amtarl, matriach of her house and one of the older nobles of the kingdom. She had, by the looks of it, met a brutal end by the blow of a club to her head, and the amount of blood spread here and there bore witness to a fight having taken place, most likely between the slayers and her escort.

Cedric cursed his luck. Oblivion take these fiends, this was the second noble this week, along with a tax collector of the king! Would they stop at nothing? If results more pleasant-sounding to the ear of his superiors didn't turn up soon, he'd severely hate to be in his own shoes.

The next matter was not furtherly pleasant either.

"Send men to check on the estates, properties and manours of the other noble houses, either to check on their security or to gain information on their involvement in these murders. Delicately, mind, the complaints are already piling to the roofs as it is."

Two of his lieutenants exchanged glances and nodded in understanding of their task, hurrying to spin around and dispense orders to their own subordinates.

Well, obedience was something he still commanded, for now.

Never a silent night in fair Daggerfall.
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