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On Nobles & Wine - Part IV

Started by Harlwystyr
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Great bronze horns blew a fanfare that the crisp morning air carried far across dawn-set Daggerfall, heralding from a splendid manor within the city the business of a certain duke, Garon Denworth, and his entourage.

Yeltan Bucks, a seemingly loyal hired mage in the employ of the elderly duke, scarcely needed the scurrying of courtiers and servants, and a curtly nod from one of Lord Ordale's operatives within the manor, to realise that the time for action had come, and so his spells had to be woven swiftly.

He had been given clear and visual instructions on where the soaked and positioned hay bales he was supposed to translocate into the manor were and felt an eager and ready surge.

Although the use of teleportation spells had been in use for quite a while, few mages could remove and then materialise flaming objects from one area and then to an entirely different place within the realm, but then Bucks was not a mage of mean feats either. Biting down on his lip, the young breton began moving his fingers in full concentration, weaving complex incantations he knew would succeed.

Lord Denworth was to have an important business-related meeting with several other senior nobles in the realm, and right as rain, several richly decorative coaches could already be seen rumbling along the streets.

Bucks snapped out of his musings to control the spellcraft; dark amusement appearing in a smile as flames rose and crackled from several hay bales that weren't in the building before.

Something down the corridor caught his attention just then. Thundering boots and shouting abruptly came to life. Cursing his luck, the darkly handsome man fiercely concentrated on his work.

Bale of hay after bale of hay his spells plucked from Lord Ordale's basement in a warehouse down by the docks back to the curiously warm hitherto-empty flagstones at the heart of the corridor leading towards Lord Denworth's dining hall, with its rising tiers of empty, glossy, dark wooden benches all around, until... the work was done. All the small fires had been sent.

He instinctively lowered his hands and did his best to look shocked. Good thing too. In the next instant, a score or so hurrying guards, various servants and other hired wizards came rumbling in a confused chaos of falling, staggering, then more shouting and barked orders and gestures.

Divines above, but this was chaos.

A certain passage was quickly cleared by the advance of an angry woman storming along it, an elderly sorceress he knew all too well...
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