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On Posting User Made Content

Started by Reichmar12
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Greetings all!

We are happy to provide this subforum for your (appropriate) community content!

If you intend to post material regularly, we ask that you do so in a reasonable fashion which includes, but is not limited to:

1) Spam:
Do not post multiple links to your content.

2) Topic control:
Please keep your thread count to a reasonable minimum. (e.g. if your content centers around one topic, or is similar to another topic you already posted, merge the threads. Reserving posts helps in this regard.)

3) Keep it relevant:
Do not post content that is unrelated to the world of Elder Scrolls and/or Elder Scrolls Online.

4) Keep it appropriate:
Do not post content which may be offensive to users including, but not limited to, racism, porn, politics.

5) Keep it civil:
Do not use content to flame, bait or attack another user.

Failure to heed these rules may result in thread deletion and/or a warning.

The TESOF Team
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