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Once Bitten = Fame - Diva's Journal Entry

Started by ModocBearclaw
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Aldmeri Dominion
Journal Entry - Turdas 14th, Rain's Hand

After a long day of travelling, I bunk in a shelter I made to stay out of a rainstorm heading my way. Then I have to deal with a couple of skeevers trying to invade my campsite and each my fish I caught for dinner. Good thing I remembered to sharpen my claws earlier.

When I went to go clean up at a nearby stream, I came across some nirnroot! I couldn't believe that find! I'll make some profit of this trip after all for once! I will easily sell it to some alchemist for 5-7 gold.

I have to say travelling in the forests of Grahtwood is pleasant most times, but I do miss the sounds and smells of Elswyr now and then. I've made some decent coin, and I haven't really run into anyone from the Brotherhood as yet. I hope I never have to deal with them again!

Well now that my food is eaten, my protective wards are set, and I've written my thoughts down for today, it is time for a hopefully decent night's sleep...........

Good night dear Tamriel and may the anchors begone forever soon............
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