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Oralos Shatterthorn

Started by Jorvaskaar
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Oralos Shatterthorn

This is my first bio, tell me what you think.

Firstname - Oralos
Surname - Shatterthorn
Title - Master Of <Guild Name Reserved>
Sex - Male
Race - Imperial
Age - 26
Occupation - Various (Notable: Brawler, Tradesman, Soldier)
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - A well built, hardy Imperial, Oralos would probably make an excellent Warrior had it not been for his affinity with magic. Pale skinned and powerful, Oralos can come across as intimidating at times but is fair and level-headed.
Personality - Oralos is a larger than life character that has a way with words. This 'way with words' makes people often more willing to side with him in a fight and obey him on the battlefield. Although his size makes him seem intimidating, Oralos is level-headed and fair, thinking long and hard before making important decisions.
Social Background/Backstory - Born 26 years before the alliance war, he spent all these years working hard to refine his skills as a mage and gather knowledge on the world around him. Oralos was born in the Imperial City and when Oralos was 5, his brother Otath Shatterthorn was born. Just 2 years later though, his house was broken into, they stole a diamond circlet and his baby brother Otath. 7 year old Oralos was heartbroken.

Oralos travelled from an early age to provinces such as Hammerfell, High Rock and Skyrim, favouring the north from the south of Tamriel. At the age of 20, he'd great earned respect as an explorer and a mage and so decided to continue his passion.

Sadly, 4 years later, he heard the news from Cyrodil that his parents had 'unexpectedly' died and no cause of death had been uncovered so Oralos never returned to the Imperial City. When news spread of Daedric powers medalling with the people of Cyrodil Oralos quickly sided with the Daggerfall Covenant, as he knew these regions best.
Best Memory - When Oralos was a young boy, he explored the woods and meadows of Cyrodil, under a tree once, he found a wooden staff, beaming with orange magic. Oralos cherishes his memories of using his first staff.
Worst Memory - When Oralos was younger, his younger brother, Otath was kidnapped. Oralos hates to talk about this topic and yet, it influences his decisions in more ways than he lets on.
Skills - Oralos is unbelievably gifted in the magical arts. Once a scholar of the Mages Guild, he left in search of a bigger challenge. Another one of Oralos's skills is his ability to reason with almost anyone, making them more than willing to obey his commands. He's also strong willed, level-headed and a makes a loyal friend.
Challenges for the Character - Even 20 years on, Oralos still finds it hard to come to terms with the loss of his brother and often says he'd rather they were separated at birth, rather than him grow to love someone for them to be taken away from him. His parent's deaths were easier to comprehend due to his age at the time but he still feels great sorrow and a will to get revenge on Molag Bal.

Oralos also finds it challenging speaking to people who he believes to be inferior or lesser minded as it angers him when they disagree simply for lack of knowledge.
Birthsign The Mage (Rain's Hand)
Religious Views Oralos doesn't worship any major Gods, although he is fond of Azura, Meridia and Sheogorath.
Politics Views Oralos doesn't have a major opinion on politics, he just fights to defend the Covenant's lands out of respect for their people, not their politics.
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Don't run away, you'll just die tired.
-Oralos Shatterthorn

Hey, hey, hey, hey! This arguing is so annoying...... Just fight!
-An Unknown Tamrielic Explorer
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Very good!
Though one tiny problem: Instead of using Great war in the bio, use the term 'alliance war' As ESO is the alliance war. The Great war was the war that ended in the white-gold concordat.

Vlos Hithern!
The Blood Coven!

Va Khaj Dar!
The council of Arcanea!

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