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[Orc] Zongoth gro-Nerkral

Started by recklessvirtues
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[Image: eQ2baG7.jpg]

Firstname - Zongoth

Sex - Male

Age - 40

Occupation - Sell Sword, Pit Fighter.

Appearance - Zon is a fine example of what a male of his age should be through years of endless battles. Large muscular built, said to be as firm as ebony. His skin a shade of slate grey, decorated with blue warpaint, and old scars. His tired, but awaken grey hues lined by a firm, strong and barbed brow. Dark thin lips, with two long, thick tusks, and few teeth exposed to the eyes. One cracked along the side, a thin piece of metal keeping the tusk intact. His hair, white, long, and pulled back in a tail. Side of his head shaved only leaving the bit of hair upon the top of his head left. Upon his strong chin laid a untamed beard, and some scruff leading up along his jaw.

Personality - Considered to be grumpy most times, but when in a better mood, he's less so. Always places his honor before anything else, he enjoys a good battle, even if it comes into a pit fight. Place a good mug of ale in his hand, and he'll be your friend until you cross him.

Social Background/Backstory - Short version; Zon was born to a clanless mother, his father was a mercenary presumed dead. When he became of age he took up a job as a sell sword, thought they were rather small and meager jobs. When he was resting in a tavern a Redguard approached him with a job offering to become a Pit Fighter for a few nights a week. Never turning down a chance to fight, and make a little money on the side he agreed. For years now he been making a presence within The Pit, and because of this, his clientele rose,and jobs became far more exciting. For now Zongoth does small dealings to the newly formed Daggerfall Covenant.

Best Memory - Possibly when he was challenged by a Redguard swordmaster to a pit fight, unarmed. Man stood no chance! But I gave him a rematch with weapons, and still he was bested. The coin and praise flowed that day...

Worst Memory - Was forced to face a friend in the pit, greatly wounded him to a point he could not fight anymore. The pit was his life, it was all he knew, his living. I found out he didn't make a day outside, until he ended up on a ditch. Never felt such...guilt.

Skills - Brawler, and a warrior, there are no arms he couldn't use when it came to battle.

Challenges for the Character - Keeping the fighting in the pits, and upon his missions.

Birthsign - The Lord

Religious Views - Since he wasn't born in the stronghold, he really has no views on Gods, or the sort.

Politics Views - If it bleeds, he can kill it, and get paid.
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Great Bio! Zongoth seems very well skilled and should do the DC well :)

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." -Kurt Cobain
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