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Order of the Dragonguard
Order of the Dragonguard

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

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About Order of the Dragonguard
RP,PVP,PVE Mainly Ebonheart Pact but are accepting multiple fractions for diplomacy aspects

Guild Website


The Order of the Dragonguard is a lore-logical guild that has ties to Skyrim area dating back to the 1st Era and the 2nd Era as protectors of Skyrim and her people, and as keepers of Dragonic power and knowledge. With this in mind The Order of the Dragonguard as a gaming guild has been structured in such a way to mimic the lore based group as well. Below you will find the Guild command structure, ranks, philosophies, battle strategy and much more for you as a player who is unaligned or may be looking for a better guild to join. We are a Semi-Hardcore – Hardcore Guild that will focus on PVP, PVE (both in general questing and Endgame), Occupational Development, Role Play, Economic Development, and Diplomacy.

Play Style

The Order of the Dragonguard’s overall play style will be centered around a core tenant: As a group or alone you represent the Order of the Dragonguard. The Order will have separate Corp’s set up to help all types of players reach their overall desired class archtype. The Corp’s are as follows: Paladin Corp ( main military arm-PVE, PVP), Ambassadors Corp (Diplomacy), Treasury Corp (Economic Development), Tradesman Corp (Occupational Development)
During your time in the Order Roleplay will be a constant both in game and in the Guild forums where unless stated shall remain “IN CHARACTER” This will help instill a sense of guild pride and solidarity.

:Command Structure:
The Command Structure of the Order is based around the common Chain of Command system which is use by most modern militaries today. This structure ensures that leadership is never in question and there is always someone in charge to help you accomplish your goals. It also streamlines any conflict resolution or problem resolution through a clear and concise manner and does not clog the gears of progress. The ranks as they are established provide with them certain responsibilities which must be adhered to once awarded. Below is a list of Ranks and some of the powers and responsibilities they come with:

Knight High Commander: Leader of the Guild overall and final word on all Guild business. The Knight high Commander must show unwavering loyalty to the Guild and its membership through service and neglect of his own gaming experience for the good of the guild.
Knight Commandant: The Second in Command of the Guild and has the power of Guild overall leadership in the event of the Knight High Commander being absent or no longer viable. The Knight Commandant is responsible to the overall action and well being of the guild and is chief adviser to the Knight High Commander.
Knight High Ordinator: A rank given to leaders of the Corp’s. They are the first line of leadership that has the power to help resolve disputes and solve problems. These players are also part of the Knight High Commanders Council which advises him of important news and reports on the Corp’s overall performance.
Knight Ordinator: Second in Command of the Corp’s these individuals are responsible for field operations.
All other ranks are a sign of veteranship and respect should be given.

Knight Advent: A member that is active and shows responsibility to the order and those below him. the help lead others while following and order above him. Encharge of small groups he leads and helps out every member of the order.
Knight: A knight helps members with common tasks and tries to get members active in all functions of the order. While leading those below him into and situation.
Knight Initiate: Becoming a leader and starting to show a sense of ownership to the Order. A Knight Initiate showing aspects of wanting to lead others into battle and help fellow members.
Squire: Showing loyalty to the Order a Squire is becoming known throughout the Guild.Participation in guild functions and knowing how the guild works the Squire is becoming adaptive to all aspect of the guild.
Scribe: New to the Order a Scribe is learning who we are and is starting to interact with other guild members and guild functions Learning how the guild works is all you need to worry about.
Fraction Ambassador: Is a member of the guild who is in another fraction. Their role is key to diplomacy issues. They are in charge of making alliances while at the same time might have to take more of a rouge agent line of duty. They are to be looked upon as a Knight Initiate.

Originally formed from an elite Akaviri fighting force, the Dragonguard soon became known throughout Skyrim as master Dragon Slayers and keepers of knowledge long since forgotten by locals and scholars alike. After the siege of the Sky Ruler Temple the Dragonguard began to undergo a fracture in which would create a new order known as The Blades who no longer solely cared for the original purpose of the Dragonguard’s creation and soon swears Oaths of Loyalty to the Emperors.

With a sharp decline in its ranks the commander of the Dragonguard started to seize relics and artifacts relating the dragons that where once a threat to the people but had since either gone extinct or have fled to regions unknown. He also began an aggressive recruitment of highly skilled individuals to swell its ranks once more.

After a period of revival the Order slipped into obscurity. Now as Skyrim is pulled back into a new conflict the Order of the Dragonguard have emerged once more to uphold its Oath of Allegiance to the people of Skyrim and to once again maintain its duty of finding, collecting and harnessing the power of the dragons.
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Order of the Dragonguard Comments
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Several Guild Positions are still open. If interest and want a leadership role join the forms and say so, this guild is built off those you want to step up and be apart of a major role in an ESO guild.
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Yes we are accepting cross fraction members. We do have spots within the guild for diplomat reasons. Depending on how the guild is design contributes where it goes from there but we do welcome you all.
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I would love to join.
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
This Guild has transitioned over to the Xbox One and has a new page here as well
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