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Orsimer Lore and Facts

Started by Volg gro-Orakh
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Hey, I am currently trying super had to really flush out my Orsimer's background story; however, I found I am lacking quite a few details in regards to Orsimer. Things I would like to know are

How old can Orcs typically become? When is adulthood reached?

What kinds of rites of passage do Orcs have in accordance with tradition? Are there more rural or local type of traditions that can be listed as examples for nomadic clans?

Another matter is language. I always like to try and correlate names, classes, and key facts about my characters with their native tongue. I feel it gives the character more depth.

Any insight given on these matters and any future inquiries would be greatly appreciated.
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orcs used to live as long as altmer. but Orkeys curse on the nord was transferred to them so they live around 40-60 years.
I cant tell you much about Orsinum orcs but Stronghold orcs usually live in Tribes run by one chief, various wives and his sons. His sons typically stay untill they are old enaugh to either slay their father to take their place or form a tribe of their own.
The daughters are given into marriage to another chief.

And while Orcs have a distinctive language with Aldmeri roots, we dont know too much of it. Tho we know some of naming conventions. Gro means son of and gra means daughter of.
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