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Ostensia Social Gaming | ESO/FFXIV | Multi-platform

Started by Rehmeyers
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[Image: OSG 100px.png]
Ostensia Social Gaming Community

Ostensia Social Gaming Community is recruiting members and officers for The Elder Scrolls Online! We are a multigame PvX MMO community currently playing FFXIV. We will be expanding into ESO upon early release access or launch with a strong focus on building our guild, seeking progression and experiencing all content while it is current. Please visit our community website at and join to cast your vote for which Alliance our family will support! More information including community vision and history, etiquette and progression are available via homepage links.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family! Please keep in touch with us and make friends via our chat channels and forums as we await launch! The overall focus of Ostensia is to support the server communities and real world communities we're a part of. With a strong focus on community our goal is to create friendships and memories that will last beyond one MMO title.

We are raiders, PvPers, crafters and RPers with history gaming together and a solid community vision. Help us make our mark in Tamriel as we move forward into the third chapter of our community's story!

[Image: OSG Chapter 3.png]
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