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PAX East Event!
by Terminus Zaire, Contributor — Category: News, Updates, & Contests
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With PAX East beginning in less than 42 hours, a huge amount of excitement has grown due to the fact that those attending will have the opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online! Everything we know about TESO is going to be turned on its head, similar to how it has in the past 24 hours thanks to the new information released by multiple gaming news organizations.

[Image: 2kQGu.jpeg]

PAX East Discussion and Livestream!

On Friday the 22nd of March, I'll be spending the entire day at PAX East learning about many of the newest games of 2013 and gathering information about them including TESO. Unfortunately I only have a one day pass due to other obligations, but I'll make sure to spend a good deal of time focusing on gathering information from Zenimax. I've always been about sharing information with the general public, and believe that the community deserves to hear that information ASAP!

Therefore on Friday, March 22nd from 9:00PM to 11:00PM EDT, TESOF will be hosting a livestream event where I'll be able to talk about my experiences with the game and answer as many questions as possible. To help gather more information, I'm going to be creating a discussion on the forums where members of the community can post all questions they have related to The Elder Scrolls Online.

We'll be posting a link to notify everyone when the event starts, and I'll be answering questions asked during the stream that some may have forgotten to ask. I'll attempt to upload any pictures or sound bites I get for the community, but this is primarily dependent on if I'm placed under an NDA.

Discussions will include the quality of the graphics and models, the similarities and differences between TESO and Skyrim, interaction with the HUD and its customization, basic UI layout and organisation, additional information provided by the developers such as the status of the Beta and their longterm plans for TESO, and much MUCH more!

If you have a question you'd like answered,
please post it here:

PAX East Event: Post your Questions Here!

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The Future of The Balancing Act

Many of you might have noticed that I didn't release a new article of The Balancing Act on Tuesday, which was the result of preparing for PAX East along with reacting to a recent snow storm that hit the North East.

After being able to experience hands-on time with The Elder Scrolls Online, there's a good chance that my weekly series The Balancing Act will be getting a major overhaul in the quality and accuracy in content discussion. While many of the articles made have been related to TESO, they haven't been directly related due to the limited information supplied by Zenimax or other fansites and writers.

PAX East will result in a major advancement of our understanding about the game, as new elements such as the crafting system, first person view and the ability to explore other alliance areas at level 50 have all been confirmed. While I can't promise you that The Balancing Act will continue as a series, I can promise you that I'll continue to supply the community with as much information as I can regarding the development of The Elder Scrolls Online.

[Image: 15y591.jpg]

As the month of March progresses, we can expect to receive more information about the opportunity to participate in open beta to assist in game development. Based on what we've heard so far, Zenimax is very open to community feedback to ensure that The Elder Scrolls Online is exactly what we want it to be. Every element has both positive and negative aspects that effect game play, and it will be our job to break them down and openly discuss them. If we find a choice made by Zenimax that we disagree with, it will also be our responsibility to constructively identify a solution. I personally can't wait for Friday, and appreciate all the support that TESOF has received so far!

REMINDER: If you have a question you'd like answered during the livestream,
please post it on the following page rather than as a response to this article!
PAX East Event: Post your Questions Here!
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EDIT: didnt read.
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(March 20th 2013, 12:32 PM)Sordak Wrote: EDIT: didnt read.

It's fine mate, I'm trying to keep the questions seperate just to keep things easier on my end. I'll still go through the forums for a few hours before I leave for PAX because there'll probably be a few questions that don't make it to the list.
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I love PAX East! It's very good for info. I also like E3. ;)
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